My FIRST Christian Louboutin Reveal! (And 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th...O_O)

  1. Hello ladies. This is going to be a long backstory with mini tales in between shoes. I hope you take the time to read it, again sorry it is so long.

    Before anything, I would like to tell you that up to a couple of weeks ago, I hated spending a substantial amount of money on shoes, particularly heels. In my mind, it was not worth my money (sorry to those who I offend, I’ve changed now as you will see!) compared to handbags. See, my thought was that shoes touched the ground, thus easily got dirty and are more difficult to maintain. Handbags on the other hand are carried and are more pampered that shoes, thus hold up better. I think the most I had ever spent on heels is $250? I got a Kate Spade slingback on sale.

    I had fewer qualms buying more “reasonable” shoes. I find Tory Burch Revas quite comfortable, so I have a rainbow of colors in those flats. I also purchased the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 in the knee length version. Both were flat shoes, comfortable and able to be worn for long periods of time.

    Heels however, were seen under a different light. I loved the feeling of wearing high heels, how they elongated your leg, gave you a sexy stride and so on. But why spend $600+ for a pair of heels, when a $50 pair would suffice (I guess this same argument could be put against bags, but I just wasn’t having it)? I was a huge fan of Zara and Kate Spade. Not too expensive, but still flattering.

    These thoughts and rationales had permeated my mind for many years. I bought a lot of designer bags, but was hunting the sales rack for shoes.

    Then…something happened.

    I decided, alright, since I love the sexy red sole, I guess I’ll give CLs a try. Just to see what the fuss is all about. I’ll probably stop at one pair since, I mean they are JUST shoes, you know? :rolleyes:

    Well two weeks after that fateful moment. I am sitting here with 4 pairs of CLs and another on their way! :sweat drop:

    I love the way CLs fit the foot. The designs are elegant and intricate and those thin heels! I love the look of Fifis, Helmours, Filos, etc. They absolutely can make an outfit and I feel so good and confident in them, even though no one but me knows I’m wearing CLs.

    So this is the end (or beginning??) of my CL story. Sorry for the long tale. Let’s get on to some reveals and mod shots!!! :yahoo: :happy dance:

    Anyone here for a reveal (or 4?)
  2. I just realized that my seat cushion is a perfect CL dust bag red! :roflmfao:
  3. I looked through all the online stores that carry CL’s for my perfect first one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything I liked. I mean I love the simple shoes like the Simples, Fifis or Filos, but I wanted a more “WOW” shoe for my first. Spikes ruled the Spring '13 season and I was kind of on the fence on them.

    So I hesitatingly went on eBay. It was scary because of all the horror stories about the fakes and the no return policy (how was I supposed to know my size?)

    The marvelous sophe :love:, who I conversed with via PM, was so kind in helping me find the right size. She gave such valuable advice and was very patient and sweet in dealing with a CL newbie. She also looked so good on the shoes that we are now twins on!

    Everything went smoothly on eBay and I was able to purchase my FIRST pair, brand new!

    So here she is, the one that started it all: The Bow Bow in rose gold! :party:
    photo-10.JPG photo-11.JPG
  4. Oops, I guess the pictures kind of gave a hint on what's to come :sweatdrop: :nogood:
  5. I love this shoe! I am quite a fan of PVC and bows. Well what a perfect shoe for me! I ordered a .5 size up from my TTS CL size and she fit perfectly. I was told that the shoe was narrow and boy is it. I have average feet and it took me 3 minutes to get these babies on. The first picture is one of my foot in it. See the pale area behind the PVC? That can’t be too good right?

    Next is me attempting to stretch plastic with socks. Does PVC stretch? lol
    photo-4.JPG photo-5.JPG
  6. Those are cute! Show us more! :biggrin:
  7. Remember how I said I would stop after my first pair. My BF shook his head because I said the very same thing about LVs and Chanels haha! I loved the Bow Bow soooo much, I had to get another pair. Again I went through eBay and came out successful and alive! I had to get these shipped to Texas however, and my BF picked it up for me during his trip there due to the restriction on exotic skins in California

    Number 2: The Horatio in Rose Python

    Slingbacks are a must for me. I think they look so ladylike.

    I am deathly afraid of snakes, but somehow the pretty raspberry and bronze dye on this snakeskin makes it less snake-like. The hair on my arms and back of my neck still go up every time I touch the snakeskin though haha! The crunchy yet slippery feeling is so weird!
    photo-6.JPG photo-9.JPG
  8. Here is a close-up and some mod pictures. Sorry it is so dark!
    photo_zps028d677f.jpg photo_zps7c7f1809.jpg 3326c2be-2d72-4374-ab9f-89f288311fdb_zps1e2cb121.jpg
  9. :smile: Congrats!
    Always nice to read background stories for Loubs Lovers.
  10. I'll continue the reveal tomorrow :smile:

    It's getting late here. :p
  11. Lovely CL's!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  12. I LOVE your shoe choices so far! I feel similar, in that I thought I would just stop with the one pair of Pigalle 120s, but one thing led to another, and here I am, trolling ebay for my 4th pair :faint:

    Those Bow Bows are adorable!
  13. Love your reveal! And I thought the same about expensive shoes and now own two CLs :smile:
    I figured I just buy one classic pair and that will be enough ... big mistake!!!
  14. Your first two pairs are lovely and I can't wait to see the others! It is a slippery slope!!
  15. Looking good so far! Cant wait to see the other 2!