My first Choo!

  1. Found this beauty on sale! It's got silver,gold,bronze and has gold stilletoes!
  2. So gorgeous
  3. Pretty :heart::heart:
  4. oh my god... my heart can't resist. they are AMAZING!!! they are GORGEOUS!! pure love oh my... congrats... One day I will have JC too!
  5. The style looks great. Lame glitter upper. What is the style name? Great choice! Well done :heart::flowers:
  6. Stunning shoes!
  7. OMG Amazing! love!
  8. Love them! In the summer i got my sister her first luxury item, a pair of glitter jimmy choo stilettos for her wedding. About a month later i was in vegas at a larger jimmy choo store & saw a mens section. I found a pair of mens glitter hightops on clearance for $550 down from $999. As a side note, my sister has wide width feet & we had been all over the mall in search of shoes. Every brand from Louboutin to Giuseppe was way too narrow. Jimmy choo seemed to be the only brand that fit right & the SA was so accomodating & patient trying to recommend shoes.
    IMG_3153.jpg IMG_3765.jpg
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  9. Congratulations! The cut out in the front and back are so classy.
  10. LOVE! :heart:
  11. they look good!!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. oh god.. they are gorgeous! :heart::heart:
  14. they are gorgeous!
  15. You can't go wrong with Choo! Congrats!
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