my first Choo :)

  1. Hi all! I have been a faithful Fendi carrier, but fell in love with the black biker leather Ramona bag and eyed it for awhile and DH was oh so thoughtful to get it for me for Christmas with the Ulla wallet in the patent plum :drool: I absolutely love it and may be joining this forum now because there are so many beautiful Choo bags and am not about to stop with the Ramona! So yes, just wanted to say hi as to not be a lurker on here ;)
  2. Welcome! I'm fairly new to Choo also, but everyone here is very friendly and helpful! Great enablers!!
  3. Welcome aboard! Great bunch here! :welcome::flowers:
  4. Congratulations!! The Ramona in biker leather is GREAT!! You will get so much use with it, especially with a new baby.

    Welcome to the forum. Be careful about posting what you like. The hunters and gatherers of the JC subforum will quickly find what you are looking for, and before you know it, you will be on a JC roll!!!!:yahoo:
  5. What a great husband! Sounds like a great Christmas surprise :yes: Congratulations on both your Choo scores and welcome onboard the Choo train :party:
    This wonderful group of enablers will help build up your collection in no time. :choochoo:
  6. hi and welcome! :flowers:recent jimmy choo convert here too.;)
    enjoy your new ramona!:yahoo:
    :heart: the black biker leather!
  7. I second Mick's post! :tup:

    Welcome and you will surely love the black biker leather! The biker leather is my favorite (I have it in 2 Ring bags and a Riki)....and the Ramona is a GREAT bag!! :heart:

    Congrats on your first (but as everyone else said) definitely not your last, Choo bag! :yahoo:
  8. I wish I could get my DH to understand the importance of high end bags!!!
    Great the biker leather, I have a black Ring. And what a great wallet choice!
    I LOVE the black biker leather Ramona and know you will too.
    What a great dh!
  10. Welcome to our little slice of heaven, LOL. What a great surprise. I love the biker leather best of all the Choo leathers. And a Ramona is such a great bag, love all the pockets inside. I also like Fendi, mostly the Spies. You find the Ramona is not such a "black hole" as a Spy bag. Please post pictures on our Reference Library in both the Ramona style thread and the Black color thread. Enjoy your new Choo!
  11. haha... uh oh I have a feeling I'm in for it :yes::nuts: such beautiful bags!

    thanks for the warm welcome! a lovely group of choo maniacs in here :tup:
  12. Welcome and Congratulations on a Wonderful & Thoughtful DH :yahoo:

    I too love the Biker leather and the Ramona is definitely my Favorite style along with the Mahala and the Ring and the Morgan and the Ayse and ......

    As you can see, you will have your favorites, but if you are like most of us Choo Choo Girls, you will love them ALL :choochoo: :choochoo:

    Enjoy your present and be sure to post modeling photos! So happy you came to the Choo side:party:
  13. Great bag! Congrats on your first Choo!!!
  14. Wow congrads you your new bag. And I think it is safe to say you will have a problem not adding to your JC collection.
  15. Ahh very well put Faurecia. I concur.. :tup:
    and I must say, these lovelies actually helped me pick my first Choo. :nuts: So glad I came here before then.. :tender:
    Enjoy your stay here Iluvmyhusband.. and your Choos of course!