my first chloes 1, 2 and 3 - triple reveal! (peektures overload!!)

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  1. haha, I'm on a ban at the moment so I won't be buying any Chloe for a while. But I'm not too good with bans so will see how long that lasts! :nuts:

    Congrats on the Damier Speedy! It's my favourite speedy :smile:

    Oooh! I would love a little pet octopus too! Like those little mini jellyfish you can have as pets! Although I don't have a good track record with aquatic pets :P Can't even keep sea monkeys alive for more than a few months :shame:
  2. Thank you Qwerty234! I am totally loving my Speedy 35! :nuts: I know that the canvas Speedys sag. :Push: I think it's totally fugy! So, thanks to Dragonette and Brahh, I got a bag shaper and it keeps the nice dome shape intact no matter what I put inside it. Because of that (as portrayed on the LV catalogue and website) the nice square print looks perfect and geometric. Also, the Damier ebene print reminds me of milk and dark chocolate squares. It's just too yummy not to get.

    I think the octopus is cute. It's got this freakish head and eyes (not the charm, but IRL) but I am fascinated with the ability of the creature to change colour. :blush: It's pretty nifty.

    I did have octopus sushi a few times and I find it very chewy but I particularly love nibbling on the red suction cups. I agree that I'd never touch eat another octopus if I took one as a pet. I've had fish as pets before, but it always breaks my heart when they pass. :crybaby: I had a goldfish for 5 years and it was so traumatic when he finally died. So, I don't have anymore pets lately because my :heart: can't take it. That's why I have handbags instead. They are so full of life to me. :biggrin:
  3. congrats on the 3 chloes!!!
  4. mica, i would love to have a little pet jellyfish too! :love:

    t-girl, the amazing thing about octopuses is how intelligent they are - they are able to open jars to get the food inside. :nuts:

    twinkleberry, thank you so much! :heart:

    on that note, blanc is home from the bag hospital! i will post some pics soon! she looks absolutely brand new! :happydance:
  5. I think I have seen a video of the octopus opening a jar. They've got eight fantastically strong arms so I'm not surprised. Congratulations on getting your Blanche Chloe fixed. I can't wait to see new pix!

  6. Yey! Looking forward to seeing pic of blanc! :smile:

    I want a pet octopus even more can open the jars I'm too much of a weakling to open :P
  7. dragonette you are soo cute! love your bags
  8. thank you t-girl, mica and muggles! :heart:

    i've yet to take a pic of blanc properly but here's a sneak peek of her wearing her wedding cake charm! :love:

    i will get more pics when i can! :yes:

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  9. That's too cute!
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    Woweee, wedding cake eh? :nuts: Are you hinting at upcoming date perhaps? ;)

    Or, maybe Blanche is getting married to .... another Chloe Paddington? :faint:
  11. thanks brigitte! :heart:

    t-girl, lol! no i'm not getting married anytime soon... i would love to get blanc a nice paddy husband though! :love:
  12. thats it marry your bag!

  13. The wedding pictures alone would be worth it!!! :nuts:
  14. Ha ha, so what kind of Mister Bachelor Paddy is Blanche interested in, eh? Will they have little Paddies (aka accessories) too later on? ;)

    Oh yeah, gotta find a guy first and then the cake, honeymoon (carry Blanche over the threshold), and later on ... Chloe bambinos.
  15. LOL! girls, you are too funny! :lol:

    i'm not sure which paddy hubby i would set blanc up with, but they will surely have lots of baby paddies! :nuts:
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