my first chloes 1, 2 and 3 - triple reveal! (peektures overload!!)

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  1. I know what you mean, Dragonette! :biggrin: I had to put that Chloe bag down ASAP before it latched its pretty little tentacles around my heart and squeezed. I'd be gone for sure. I am still caught in the LV web of :heart: so I am a little busy trying to get used to that new line.

    Yeah, I will keep my eye out for a Chloe reduction sale. If it speaks to me, I will come back to tell and show you. :nuts: -- That's for sure!!!
  2. LOL! i LOVE how you described it... i LOVE octopuses! :love:

  3. So true! I love my little beaten up and stained silverado, because she's just as clumsy as me! I swear, she's a troublemaker :P
  4. Ha ha! They probably look a little an ocean form of spiders, eh, with the 8 tentacles. Also, if you forgive me, they're quite tasty as sushi, but I feel so sorry to eat them when I know how awesome they look alive in the ocean.

    Yeah, they look very cuddly and smooshy. That one I saw on the clearance table (with a 'not-so-clearance' pricetag of over $1.1 K) it looked like a happy lapdog anxious for me to take her home. Uh-no, I cannot afford this cutie. She's about the price of a real Maltese pooch pup without the stoop and poop. ;)

  5. Oh wow! I got one of my silverados for CAD$500 from constylement! Just had some makeup stains inside, washed out easily.

    Maybe you should keep an eye on the site, it's canada based so might be better price wise for you? The owner is a TPFer who also lists the items on ebay and bonanzle to help sales :smile:

    Disclaimer: I can't remember the rules around mentioning sites, so I'll just say I've had great experiences in the past with items from this site which is why I'm recommending it, but of course all bags should be treated individually and checked out on the Authenticate this Chloe Thread.:biggrin:
  6. indeed! octopuses are beautiful little (or not so little hehe) creatures! that was why i got my little octopus charm! :nuts: i do have a soft spot for 8-legged creatures - spiders or octopuses, they are both amazingly intelligent. if spiders were larger or if octopuses were land mammals they could probably takeover the world. :lol:

    that's a great suggestion from mica! :tup:

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  7. Lovely octopus...more lovely than IRL :faint:.
    Anyway, do you eat them in Singapore :confused1:...? In Spain, yes. I hate it :Push:!
  8. Thank you for the link Qwerty234 and the tip to authenticate the pre-purchase! That's great! Now I've got some other ways to spend/save my money. :P Eeeeeek! I really appreciate it. Also, I love your login name: Qwerty234! I took typing classes in high school and it's one of my favourite classes. I am grateful to my teachers because it makes my job so much easier knowing I don't have to look at my fingers when I am expressing my thoughts. It's great being able to express my ideas unimpeded.

    I'll go check it out. Aha! :nuts: I knew this place was enabling...especially Chloe. I can see the Chloe tentacles reaching out for me again! Ahhhhhh! :faint:
  9. Awww :tender: I love your octopus charm! It's soooo cute! :heart:

    I dunnoh if I want octopi crawling along the grounds reaching for me with their long legs and I definitely don't want spiders any larger either. Eeeeek!

  10. No worries :smile: I hope that one day when you've saved up enough you share with us the great Chloe that you got! ;) We are terrible enablers here!!

    I like Qwerty, so easy to type :P Wish I had something a bit more original as my username, but I'm attached to it now.

    dragonette, I LOVE that octopus charm! So cute! It has adorable beady little eyes.
  11. I've checked out constylement. I am eyeing that green medium Chloe but $950 is still a little expensive especially after buying more LV yesterday. I'll wait and see what other stuff shows up. Thank you Qwerty234 for that website again. It's great to know more websites that sell this stuff and as an alternative to retail price.

  12. Oooh, what LV did you get? Accessory or bag?

    I agree $950 is quite expensive, I guess it's because it's a fairly rare colour, and I think an 05? Do keep your eyes peeled and you're sure to see some more pop up!
  13. I LOVE the octopus!! It's got kinda an alien face, doesn't it though? I have to confess, I love to eat them -- yum!

  14. That $950 on the website looked 'reasonable' in comparison to other Chloe paddy totes selling. The one next to it sold for $1,050.00 and it is the same size. The green is pretty but I am still my LV stuff too much to focus my attention on other bags which also include my current collection.

    My recent acquisition is one Damier Speedy 35 (thanks to my BF as a pre-birthday gift), a Mono Cosmetic Toilet Pouch 26 and two embossed initialled leather tags. I'm very happy with my collection.

    I'll keep my eyes open on which Chloe is selling, but I think you are too so I won't worry about getting it because you've got it first and we can celebrate another Chloe acquisition in your collection. How's that, eh? You're saving me from myself. :graucho: Just kidding, I am sure there are more than enough Chloe for everyone.
  15. thank you, mica, t-girl and kdo! i love the little octopus guy too! yes he does look a little alien but i think he's really cute! especially with the goggly eyes!

    i have to admit that i love eating octopus as well. :blush: but i would love to have a pet octopus one day in a tank! :nuts: although that would probably stop me from eating octopus forever. hehe!