My first Chloé...

  1. ...apart from the parfume (which I honestly don't like much).

    I can't tell you how excited I am:yahoo: . A friend found some really stunning Chloé pumps shopping the last sales and gave me a quick call to see if I would be bet I was so here are my new babies...
    DSCN4040.jpg DSCN4041.jpg DSCN4022.jpg
  2. ...and I just took the plunge and purchased a choco paddy! These will look so great with it. The tan ones are not really fitting my wardrobe so I will probably go eBay with them, but I am sooooooo happy to have found these choco beauties and the best they fit perfectly! My friend got herself a pair as well but only to realize finally at home that they were too small.
    She wasn't too thrilled... I told her that comes from wanting to play Cindrella (she always ends up with shoes that don't fit ):p
  3. Congrats on your lovely new pumps!
    And yay you got the chocolate paddy!:yahoo:
  4. Those shoes are awesome :heart: love 'em. And congrats on the chocolate paddy!:smile:
  5. oooh wow, you had a fab shop. I think D&G has those shoes too and loves them.

    Fab news that you bought a paddy to go with them too :biggrin:
  6. Woohoo!!!

    Nice find on the shoes ;)

    Choco and blanc, the perfect duet of paddys!! :love:
  7. I love those shoes!!!! they go perfect w/ my tan loaf :love: Congrats on your shoes and the paddy :yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous - you will so be rocking it with the choco paddy too!

  9. Congrats on the shoes! I looove the paddy sandals - SO pretty! Plus you'll have a matching set of choco paddy and choco paddy sandals.

  10. Those shoes are just hot, plain and simple! And congratulations on the chocolate paddy! YOu will love it!
  11. Thanks everybody for your kind words, I am sooooo happy. My choco should be here early next week:nuts::yahoo: .
    Won't be able to wear the shoes for a while just still too cold but can't wait to do so.

    D & G I love them too inspite of the high heel they are so comfortable, what a shame that there were none in blanc

    hmwe46 now I need an ivory pair, I love your platform ones and a pair of flats would be so nice too!
  12. I love them, congrats!
  13. cute shoes! and congrats on the paddy! now they'll have friends!
  14. Those are the nicest chloe shoes I've ever seen!
    Enjoy them and your new paddy!
  15. YAY...congrats on the new set!!!!!!! How gorgeous is that?? :love: