My first Chloe

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  1. Hello lovelies I'm usually found in the Mulberry thread, however after seeing the lovely Sers mocha Marcie hobo reveal (another mad Mulberry lover) , I knew I had to have a Chloe.

    Now I know I should wait for it to be authenticated as it was an eBay purchase, I am confident that it's genuine and wanted to share it now as I've looked at every Marcie on eBay and compared mine with others (trusted resellers included) so I think I'm safe to reveal now

    I just wished I paid more interest to Marcies before they became hard to find...... If anyone spots a matchey matchey purse please shout as that's next on my wish list and all of my Mulberry purses are too big

    Here she is new to me (but like new) black mini Marcie cross body

    I registered her on and got an email confirmation back from them, does anyone know what benefits that gives me and does it mean that she must be authentic?



    I just love the stitching and detail
  2. Congrats ! Great purchase it is very cute ! :woohoo:
  3. Very pretty, congrats!

  4. Thank you both, the detail and accuracy of the stitching is amazing
  5. Great first choice!!! I love it!!! Congrats & Enjoy!!!
  6. your Marcie is so pretty! :loveeyes:

    enjoy her!!
  7. Very pretty Chloe, Louliu. I'm do glad you like her! [emoji4]
    I have no idea about the registration, but I would guess that this a good sign. Enjoy her!
  8. cute and leather is amazing. Congrats!

  9. Thank you lovelies, I am well and truly on the sofa now (all designers!) [emoji51]
  10. It's really pretty!!! Congrats :smile: I love love love Chloe!!!
  11. Gorgeous! 😍 I have the same bag in rainy blue and the detail and stitching is just fab isn't it.
  12. cute!
  13. Congratulations! Lovely attention to detail on Marcie but the only Marcie purses I've seen are as large as
    Mulberry ones - hopefully there's a smaller version too
  14. Helloooo !!

    Great little bag you have there. I had one last year and stupidly sold it but i have another on the way along with two other bits ;)
    I along with many lost the mulberry love. The leather on these is far superior and i am not scared to use my black Paraty or Marcie despite being a light colour.

    Hope its the first of many for you x
  15. Forgot to add, i bought a fab Baby Paddington recently to, so cute :smile:
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