My first Chloe!!!

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  1. it was $1750 with tax here in San francisco.. Where do you live. tax is way too high here. minus tax $1620;)
  2. yay..I'm lovin mine too. it's definetly arm candy
  3. We've got the same tax rate, I live in south bay... I'm thinking of buying one at LVR..
  4. Wow, this is really nice!!! It's the perfect size too. How heavy is it compared to the regular paddy?
  5. TOD, I remember trying on a regular paddy and thinking it's so heavy, but for some reason this one felt less heavy. But I don't have both to compare. ANyone??
  6. Oooh! Great choice, Kylie! Very beautiful! Congratulations! I would love to see more pictures! :love:
  7. Thanks KylieReese. It's so cute! I'm so in love - i'm going nuts...I'm also from the bay area - does NM have a lot of Chloe's now?
  8. how nice
  9. No Tod, I bought the last black, and they had one whiskey like mine, and the rest were the betty I think , you know the ones with a lot of zippers. I think there was two regular paddingtons. what city do you live in.
  10. Great choice-glad you returned the perforated. Enjoy the Chloe!!
  11. Foster City. You?
  12. OH thats pretty close I'm in S.F.
  13. Yup - very close! Enjoy your new paddy - it's a real beauty..:love:
  14. nice paddy bag!!!is this the newest style???
    is it as heavy as the paddington???
    CUTE!!!this is definitely better than the speedy..:love:
  15. Ooh definitely yummy, kylieReese!!! Great choice! Didn't think too much of the pocket paddy but after this, you've got me adding to my already long wishlist... lol!