My first Chloe!!!

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  1. Hi everyone, I exchanged my perforated speedy for chloe big pocket bag. It was the only thing that caught my eye at neimans today. I really like the color and the pocket in front. check it out
    I guess I'm joining the paddy club. heheh:biggrin:
  2. Hooray! Do you have pics? What color did you get?
  3. here it is

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  4. Okay. I am TOTALLY in love with this! What color is it? The black? It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you can, I would love to see a pic of you holding it for size reference!
  5. Yeah it's black!
  6. that is much better than the pref speedy! hope this one is a keeper!
  7. How big would you say this bag is? We have seen various measurements...from 11.25" wide to 15" or so wide...I may have to get one of these. Was going for chocolate, but your black is so stunning I may have to switch!
  8. Oh wow! What is this one called I absolutely LOVE it. Im exchaning mine for this one!!
  9. ummm it's not too big. because I'm 5'3 and it still hits above my waist when I wear it. I'll post a pic of me wearing it for size reference. I gotta wait an hour for my camera to charge. You should get one. it's really nice.
  10. Congrats! LOVE IT!
  11. Do you know the name of the bag:shame: :love:
  12. Wow, it looks big and heavy. I love the color. Hope you keep this one. *crossing fingers*
  13. Great! Thanks! I am 5'3" too, so I should be able to get a good idea from your pic. May order the chocolate tongiht, although the black is looking really nice. In your pics it almost has a blue tint to that just the light?:nuts:

    Ranskimmie, this is the small pocket, also known as the medium pocket, the professor, and one other name which I can't recall right now.
  14. here you go Etenebris. Sorry such a crappy bathroom. too lazy to go downstairs to the closet mirror. :P

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  15. That looks so cute on you! Is the lock sitting on top because the bag is overfilled, or not filled at all? It is a really nice looking bag.