my first chloe!

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  1. I'm new since yesterday. :smile: I've been searching for a new bag for a while. Since I don't have enough money, I coudln't decide which one I really want to buy. Few hours ago, I bought IVORY LARGE BETTY because it was half price off at Since I'm living in manhattan I had to pay tax, so after tax+shipping, it was 999.**. After I purchased it, I looked for article about betty here, and unfortunately everyone wants to buy paddy not a betty. :crybaby: I've never seen real large betty only paddy. Did I buy right bag? Actully, I was going to buy Marc, Chloe or LVtton. Please, somebody tell me I made a right choice~!? I still have a chance to cancel or return!!!
    Help me out~!PLEASE!!
  2. Yes, the Betty is so fabulous! But in the end all that matters is that YOU love it! I must tell you, I have two paddies, and now I am dying for a Betty! I love that bag- it is so incredibly gorgeous! And at that price, you cannot go wrong! I would just see how you feel in a couple of days, and then decide! But Bettys are just amazing! You will fall in love with it each time you wear it!

    PS- I moved your thread to the main Chloe Forum because you will get more feedback that way!
  3. I think the paddy owners are just more outspoken :nuts:

    Betty's are totally hot!! D&G has an amazing one that makes me want one too!!

    Enjoy your bag if YOU love it, like Jag says :wlae:
  4. i have and love my betty and hope you will too...see how you feel when it arrives!

    eta...and don't worry! you can always exchange or return it by mail or even to the store since you live here
  5. I have both.... it's one of those bags that looks sooooo much better when u try it on. its a different look than the paddy, but just as fab. I love all the pockets on the outside. good choice and even better price!
  6. Lenalee, the Betty is a fabulous bag, especially in the ivory color. You made an excellent choice!
  7. I have a bunch of paddys but I love the betty!! :love: I think it's a gorgeous bag!! And as other ladies have said here, don't worry about what people love! If you love it that's all that matters!! :yes:
  8. yes~! I think I'm gonna like "my betty to be". Thank you so much for give me great informations, girls~ and ladies~! I'll post again, when I get it. ^^
    I think I already like that bag. ^________^
  9. Yeah like others said, Betty is a HOT bag! Don't worry I'm sure you will :heart: it. And that's an amazing price you got for the large size!
  10. I even prefer Betty over Paddy. It's great, you can wear it every day and you can put so mauch stuff inside the large one! enjoy your bag!!!!
  11. Don't worry you did the right thing: the Betty is just wonderful. I just got mine 2 weeks agao and I adore it because it's so much lighter than the Paddy. I do love my Paddy, too. And you can always buy a Paddy when they go on sale and you basically get 2 bags for almost one price.