My First Chloe

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  1. I have watched, obsessed, dreamt about and waited, and now, my time has come. I will GET MY CHLOE BAG. Problem: I need guidance here, ladies!

    Let me first state that I am not of the "it bag" mentality. I don't care if one more style or purse blog posts about how tired they are of the Paddington and how heavy it is. These are seasoned bag collectors as many ofyou are, and are entitled to that opinion. Still, Paddy stole my heart, and if it is what I love, I don't care if someone on the street thinks "that was SO last season/year/decade". (My obsession includes so many styles though!)

    That said, by the look of your collections (my goodness, ladies!!!) you have a lot of information to share and it is most welcome. I will be parting with a good amount of money, and would love any information you could share as I leap into my first investment!
  2. welcome to chloe....most of us here on the chloe forum are not big it bag collectors either!

    If you are looking for used then 05, 06 bags are your best bet for leather quality. The colours also vary by year a little and some of the new colours for this year are just amazing like this rosewood colour...I saw it IRL at NM and its just AMAZING!

    So between colour and budget you can narrow down your choices a little!
  3. Thank you!

    I was thinking of purchasing new only because I am wary of fakes and didn't know where to go...

    Much appreciated!
  4. Have you tried Aloha Rag? They have a few Paddys on their website and probably in their stores as well. I think you can get 3% off just by becoming a member and membership is free.

    Anyway best of luck and welcome to Chloe.
  5. what kind of colours do you like, how tall are you etc, you can go for one of the bigger newer styles if it won't swamp you

    welcome to chloe heaven:yahoo:
  6. Welcome to Chloe land :heart:, and be careful, when you start you only think in Chloe bags :shame:.
    I would recommend you a classic style, like the Edith, Betty or Silverado :yes: (the Paddy is cute but not for me...).
  7. Welcome! Im sure you'll find loads of great Chloe bags. Dont be too scared of buying off eBay. I was terrified but have now got two beautiful bargains - just get them authenticated on this forum first and buy from respected sellers :biggrin:
  8. Thank you! Betty is a favorite. The Paddington I was looking at was quite large. I think the baby paddy is too small for me. There are so many to love!

    Does anyone have a discount code for Bluefly?

    Also, it is true I need to be weary of eluxury?

    Thank you! So glad I found you!
  9. I am 5'5 and think the question is what colors don't I like? I'd prefer to start practical at first. The only one I'm really steering clear from is an orang-y leather as I have Tod's bag in that realm and am a bit tired of it.

    Again, Thank you all!
  10. I love your story and what you do! Once I get my list down, I will be in touch! I love teh blue bay on the consignment site - sold ; (