My First Chloe

  1. Hi everyone,

    I posted a thread a few days ago about a Chloe paddington bag in taupe which i really wanted. I called" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert">Net-A-Porter and also luisaviaroma but both places said that this colour was part of the 2006 Spring/Summer collection and that they had sold out.

    I called a few Chloe boutiques in France (who had also sold out of the taupe). After numerous phone calls i ended up calling the London boutique which i did and to my suprise they had some in. The man I spoke to said that the taupe is part of the Autumn/Winter collection :shrugs:. Does anyone have the chloe paddington in taupe and, if so, would you say it is a flesh colour or a camel colour? I'm really looking forward to owning a paddinton bag and it should be arriving on Monday :yahoo:
  2. You may want to try Nordies at Valey Fair, I can't remember if they have that color but they have alot of chloe paddy. :smile:

    Good luck!
  3. Why bother? The fakes are everywhere now and they're very close to being played out, just like the Murakami LV bags.
  4. I just received it and as im at work i got my mum to open it for me. It was sent from the london boutique via fedex. My mum said that it didnt come with any tags and as I said it was for a gift (for myself) i thought they would have left the tags on and put it in a chloe box. Did your chloe come with tags Chloe-babe?
  5. wow...that's a nice color for chloe
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