My first Chloe...

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  1. I'm officially addicted! My new Chloe just arrived today .... i've attached pics below. The pics show it just a little too's more of a camel yellow ...ahh it's gorgeous! :love:

    Now i have to work up the nerve to take it out of the house...:biggrin:
    DSC02981.JPG DSC02982.JPG DSC02983.JPG
  2. It's gorgeous! Congratulations:welcome:
  3. Ooh, lovely!!! Congrats!
  4. Oh what a lovely colour, you wear it perfectly!
  5. its gorgeous latest obsession!! what a pretty color!
  6. gorgeous!! Congrats!!!!!!
  7. Great first bag! I think I saw this color in my Nordstrom, can you tell me what the name of this color is? It's so pretty!

  8. Congratulations. It looks great on you.
  9. That's such a pretty color (looks buttery and squishy) and looks great on you. Congrats on your first Chloe Paddy!
  10. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! I love this forum (no one else understand my bag obsession)

    The color is called jaundice (lol) or dijon, but honestly its a very muted yellow color so i know this will also be a great fall bag.
  11. Welcome latest obession!!! Your bag is beautiful and the color is so versatile. Enjoy your "latest obsession"! lol.
  12. Very rich & beautiful color. Congratulations.
  13. Congratulations!! That color is great! You are really going to enjoy wearing it especially in the spring and summer! Just beautiful!!
  14. Beautiful color, thanks for sharing the name

  15. Wow Congrats, Latest Obsession!
    The color of the bag is absolutely gorgeous and it looks great on you! :flowers: