My first Chloe!~

  1. Hi ladies~ thought i'd share my joy~ i've just purchased my first ever chloe ;) thanks to the ladies Lescoy and bellacherie over at the Authenticate this Chloe thread. its a bay bowler in ivory and it will be a week before it arrives fom the US. I can't wait :p

    here she is~ a pic from the seller

  2. Ooooh Very Nice! I am really like the Bay bags~ She looks great in Ivory!
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Congrats..
  4. That is very cute! I love the white! Congrats!
  5. thanks ladies~ i have a thing for white bags :love:
  6. Congratulations! I'm sure there are more to follow! Post pics when you get her.
  7. OMG, I love that bag, that's my favorite color for Bay!! Congrats!!
  8. how lovely! thats a great statement bag! question - you say you love white bags, i do too but never buy them as im worried they will get grubby quickly ... can you share your experience on this.

  9. thanks ladies :p i will definitely post pics of her once she arrives

    mjlover1977~ um... i use babywipes!! :tup: hehee~ i don't really do anything special to them (although i would like to put leather protector on them but the ones recommended here are not avaliable in australia so boohoo)~ i use them all with love and care (who wouldn't tho, its not a cheap bag!) but i'm not super gentle with them either~ they do get their fair share of being thrown around, and if they do get the odd mark on them babywipes will usually do the job. They've all stood up well, for example i've being using a damier azur speedy as my everyday work bag for almost a year now and apart from a light patina on the handles, she doesnt show any wear, and then theres the white pebbled leather prada my mum gave me a few years back which had "dirty corners", when i decided to sell it i just simply wiped it down and she looked almost new! :girlsigh:
  10. wow - thats pretty good! I'm an aussie too BTW. :tup:
  11. thats fantastic mjlover :nuts:
    you know i was suprised at how many aussies actually come onto this forum~ its probably because we are so underprivledged when it comes to designer fashion :roflmfao:
  12. I'm an aussie too! I'm fairly sure Jean Brown is selling this exact bag for $3K Trust me - you've done well!
  13. It is incredibly beautiful. I am looking at my daughter's quilted Bay sitting near me on the kitchen table and they are very cool bags. The white version looks so crisp and classy! Congrats!!
  14. OMG its beautiful I want one, this might be on my next to puirchase list. Thanks for posting!
  15. thanks bellacherie!~ :tup:

    i saw this at David Jones for $2700+!!~ and at Miss Louis for around $3000 too~ so i'm a happy woman right now :wlae: