My First Chloe!!!

  1. despite drooling over Paddies recently, i fell for this Chloe and now she's mine!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    Soooo incredibly smooshy and buttery soft
    P7190374.JPG P7190375.JPG P7190376.JPG P7190377.JPG
  2. Congrats honeyboo!
    I have the same bag and the leather is fantastic,enjoy :smile:.
  3. love it! such a classic/vintage style
  4. :drool: Superb choice for a first Chloe!!!
  5. Great bag - enjoy!:tup:
  6. It's FABULOUS! Congratulations and enjoy it in good health!
  7. Scrumptious leather... congrats!!!
  8. Wow that leather looks ridiculously soft. Congrats on a wonderful purchase!
  9. Congrats on your 1st Chloe. Enjoy. =)
  10. Beautiful bag--congrats!!
  11. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Could you please tell me what the name and color is and where you found it?
  12. :heart::drool: Is gorgeous!!! :woohoo: Congrats!!!
  13. congrats!! :biggrin:
  14. Thanks everyone, i still can't believe my luck!!!
    i just ADORE my bag

    Zandz- i didnt know when i got her, it's Maggie in antilope. i got her in the sale at Harvey Nichols (I am in the UK)
    just to put the icing on the cake half price from £1449 to £772!!!
  15. congrats!!! i'm going in that direction too!!!:yahoo::graucho: