My first Chloe

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  1. My husband and I went to the Saks in New Orleans during the presale where I fell in love :heart: with a brown Edith. (Actually I was in love long before thanks to you all) It was 30% off and my husband insisted that I reserve it. The next day I saw the same purse for 40% on Neiman Marcus's webiste so I ordered it.:yahoo:

    According to Customer service it should be here tomorrow. :tup:

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the colors Muscat and Muscade? :confused1:
  2. OMG! Congratulations!!!! That is so exciting!!! Can't wait for pics!
  3. Congrats on the bag! What a nice hubby insisting on reserving it!!!! I"m not sure what the difference between muscate & muscade are. I do know that Muscade is a beautiful shade of brown that I adore!!! Post pics of your new bag when you get it!!!!
  4. I haven't heard of Muscat. I think they must have misspelt Muscade. :confused1:
  5. I am pretty sure that muscat and muscade are the same!
  6. Whow, what great prices!!! Congrats!
  7. Great find, congrats. =)
  8. Well, the purse was delivered today. I eagerly ripped open the box...only to find the wrong color Edith.
    They sent me a color listed as is a light tan or putty color. Very disturbing as I was hoping for the Muscat color. :sad:

    Had to call NM. They are shipping me out a new and I'll have to mail back the wrong one.
    The operator said there were only 4 left of the Muscat.

    Anyone know how long NM takes to credit back the price of an item? :Push:
  9. WOW! I think Roo was looking for a Mastic!

    There are a few Muscats at the Palo Alto NM I saw today, give them a call!
  10. It depends, but usually about 7 days. Once it took them two weeks to refund my purchase:Push:.
  11. What a bummer for you! :tdown: I hate it when companies stuff up mail orders - it's so frustrating!!! :cursing:
  12. Booo! But think of it in a positive light, you get to have a few more days of eager anticiaption! Sometimes that (as well as the bag arriving) is the best part ;)

    Hope your bg gets to you soon!
  13. Mine doesn't arrive until next Thursday! :sad: I just hope I'm not so excited that I pee a little in front of the UPS man when he brings it!! Awkward! LOL :wtf: :P
  14. This made me laugh!!!! LOL. Btw, I love your Avatar. lol.
  15. Thanks! I swear that's what I'll look like by the time Thursday rolls around! :P