My First Chloe!!!!!!!

  1. Could I BE anymore excited???? :yahoo::yahoo:

    I took the plunge and ordered this:

    I LOVE this bag! Does anyone else have it? Can you tell me more about it? The interior?

    Oh I hope NM doesn't screw with me on this and comes through! I can't WAIT to get it!!
  2. for some reason the link is not working
  3. Ooooh, It looks so pretty! No wonder you're excited, hope you get it quicly, yay!
  4. Wow~ Great deal! Congrats!!!
  5. Great bag! Congratulations!!! So excited for you!
  6. Congrats to you. Welcome to the wonderful world of Chloe leather!
  7. Wow! That's awesome! There's nothing better than a Chloe! You're gonna love it :smile:
  8. congratulations! please post pics when you get it.:yahoo:
  9. Oooh, i LIKE it!!! and i'm not even crazy about Edith bags. Congrats!!!! I can't wait to see pics!!!!