My first Chloe.

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  1. Hi Ladies! I just want to share my first Chloe. I got at NM private sale for 40%. I really like how it looks on me but it seems like it's very heavy.

    SA at NM told me that it's the medium size paddington in white. This was shipped to me and the neiman tag is no longer attached. Aside from that, I didn't get anything else. Do the chloe bags supposed to have certificate or something? Sorry, I'm a newbie.

    Anyway, here's the my first Chloe. I mostly collect LV and Dior.

  2. My modeling pics.. Sorry my outfit might not match I just wanted to take picture of my purse right away. lol!
  3. Gorgeous bag, gorgeous lady :yes:
  4. :yahoo: Congrats on your first Chloe!!!

    There's no certificate, but there should be a Chloe tag, dustbag and carecard.

  5. Congrats, its so gorgeous!!! :heart:
  6. I only got the neiman tag unattached and dustbag. :sad:Should I call in and ask for the Chloe tag and Care card?
  7. The bag looks GREAT on you!

    Ask for the carecard just in case you ever decide to part with the bag
  8. Congratulations! It looks fabulous on you! Enjoy in good health!
  9. Very Cute
  10. It looks beautiful on you! What a great bag!
  11. You made agreat choice that bag looks fabulous. You wear it well:yes:
  12. Anghelq - that is one stunner of a bag! Enjoy your first Chloe!!!:yahoo:
  13. Gorgeous Paddy, you look fabulous with it. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  14. Thank you for letting me know about the Chloe sales at NM! I got it from your SA Lisa (NM Michigan). She's super sweet. She also gave me a thank you note. I'm definetly going to buy from her again.
  15. It's a gorgeous bag and looks great on you! Congratulations!

    Have you tried looking in the inner pocket? The care card should be in there somewhere (I think?)