My First Chloe ~ Which one should I get?

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  1. Okay, you ladies have me completely smitten with Chloe now and I am ready to bite the bullet and add one to my boudoir!The only problem is, which one?! I've narrowed it down to two choices. Cream or Gold! I wear a lot of cream colored tops, tan boots, etc. and want something that will go with my everyday wardrobe. So waddya think? Which one should I choose? HELP! :confused1:

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  2. I like the second bag. I prefer shoulder bags over handheld. But both are gorgeous, and either would be a terrific pick! Good luck!
  3. I am no help, i love both! The second might be better for year round, but damn they are both gorgeous!
  4. I used to own the gold bag and it was beautiful; a great everyday bag. That one gets my vote.

    The other bag, the large pocket paddy, is a really large and heavy bag. it's gorgeous too, but really big.
  5. I have the Chloe small pocket paddington in chocolate and I love it! But if you're into big bags, then IMO I think you should get the tan, with the large pocket, because it will probably be more classic. Altho you should definitely think about whether or not you'll be happy carrying it on your arm or hand all the time.

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  6. Thank you ladies!!! I really appreciate all your help! It's so tough picking out a bag that you've never seen IRL and I really do appreciate all your tips and suggestions!!! :heart:

    I still can't make up my mind though! :crybaby: LOL
  7. I like the cream, I think the gold is nice but very 'now' whereas the cream is much more classic!

    Beautiful bag!:drool:!!!! And I love ur Avatar!

    I would LOVE to get this one (if interested, run it by the Chloe "authenticate this" thread first).

    I really, really love my front pocket - it's not heavy and hangs nicely from the shoulder and is slouchy plus clings close to the body. I also have a medium classic which I haven't used yet, plus a pre-loved satchel with side pockets, also not used yet. My suggestion is to start with a chocolate - that is THE BEST color that shows off paddington's true beauty!!!
  9. I did it! I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Cream! It won't be here until next Thursday though. Crap :sad: lol

    I purchased it from and have read many conflicting things here regarding authenticity of their items, so I will definitely ask for some help with that when I get it.

    I know nothing about Chloe, so I hope you ladies will be able to help me with that! :tup:
  10. Congrats! Be sure to post lots of pics when you get it! :yes:
  11. Ah good, I love the cream! Can't wait to see pics when it arrives. :yes:
  12. I have the same bag in black! The spy used to be my favorite bag of all this one is! I think you will be thrilled! Congrats!
  13. Me too! :smile: I promise to post pics when it arrives!

    I really appreciate all the help you ladies have given me! This is my biggest handbag purchase to date and it's really nice to hear from people that have seen and actually own the bags, what I should expect when it arrives!

    And this might sound slightly crazy, but I dreamt about it last night! LOL :weird:
  14. Cream, more practical than gold, plus metallic ribs off badly!
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