My first Chloe wallet reveal!!

  1. I have always been a diehard Balenciaga fan, but lately I have been venturing to other brands due to my displease with Alexander Wang's lack of creativity...:mad: Anyway! Here is my new quilted Elsie long wallet. I have loved the turn lock for so long and I'm glad to have her as part of my collection! :biggrin: Happy new year everyone! xoxo
  2. Very nice, congrats! How many cards can it fit in may I ask?
  3. Love the quilted look! Beautiful! I also got an Elsie wallet recently, but it isn't this quilted one. The turnlock is so pretty...
  4. It's beautiful congrats! I love the turn lock too!
  5. Thank you missdennies! It can fit 12 cards :smile: I find that very useful because I've never had a wallet that can fit so many cards! :biggrin:

    Yay for our Elsie wallets artsygirl! That turnlock is the thing that sold me~ :graucho::graucho:

    Thanks aksaiyo! I keep playing with the turnlock because I love it so much and I'm wondering whether constant touching of it will make it lose its color or fade? hmm...
  6. 12 cards is awesome, heaps of space. Love it. Enjoy! :smile:
  7. I absolutely LOVE it! Gorgeous choice.
  8. Absolutely beautiful! So classy, love it. Near me, chloe is not very well known - or any designer for that matter!. I'm not too familiar with Chloe but this has made me need to look into it! You've converted me ;) haha congrats!
  9. Love it!
  10. Beautiful wallet! Congrats!
  11. Your wallet is lovely!!
  12. Thank you!!

    Thanks canyongirl!

    Hey SoadyJones01! You're right; Chloe is definitely one of the more low-key premier designers and not a lot of the brand's items make it as the "It Girl" item. But I've always kept an eye out for that Elsie turnlock because it's so delicate and pretty! I'm glad I was able to make a positive influence on you!! :lol::lol:

    Thank you parismonamour!

    Thanks so much The yellows!

    Thanks itsmeL007! :biggrin:
  13. Congrats:smile:)
  14. Thanks Milan123! :smile:
  15. beautiful wallet!!!!!! do you happen to have pictures of the inside?