My first chloe silverado!

  1. I managed to snaffle a STUNNING Chloe Silverado in metallic leather silver. I just LOVE it. It arrived about 15 min ago - i am shocked at how soft and slouchy the leather is. I just luuuurve it so much!

    Now i'm wondering if i need a black bag for work ... like the Paddington Zipped Small Shoulder ... does anyone have one of those?:heart:
  2. congrats...and many more chloes are to come!
  3. mona is so right, this is just the are entering the Chloe zone........
  4. Ok - this is that bag i am curious about ... does anyone have one? I need a good black bag for work - i dont carry too much crap so doesnt need to be too big ... and i'm looking for something for this price

    can anyone tell me about it?
  5. The shoulder bag is really small. More like a porchette. IF you are carrying a lot of stuff, then this is no good. Personally, I would not carry any paddy style for work. For me, I need to stuff a lot of 8.5x11 docs in my bag, so the docs must fit. Have you tried looking at different styles of Chloe? A Tracy? A Edith, or a Bay? Or even a Patsy. Check out the shopping threads, lots of deals posted by Chloe ladies here!
  6. There is a very large sized version of that capsule Paddy and I have it and it is perfect for work. It is sort of like a briefcase only classier! Congrats on your Silverado. I have a silver metallic python one that is just TDF!
  7. i hope i'm still welcome in the chloe section - i decided to get a Balenciaga twiggy in black for my 'standard issue' work bag .... (ducks) hope thats still acceptable not being Chloe and all :p

    Cant stop staring at my silver silverado - luuuuuurve her. :heart::drool:
  8. We would love to see pics of your new chloe!!!
  9. oooh - ok, will take piccys of her on the weekend. She is soooo lovely!