My first Chloe reveal

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  1. I'm really excited! This is my first brand new Chloe and most certainly not my last.

    I went shopping for a Paraty . . . and ended up with . . . . well it's not a Paraty :biggrin:


  2. One little peek at the handle will give the game away ;)

  3. [​IMG]

  4. And here she is in all her glory - Heloise in Nutmeg! I just fell in love with the colour, it seems to suit her shape so well, and I know I could wear her all year round.


    Delighted with my first brand new Chloe. :yahoo:
  5. Congratulations. She's very pretty. :smile:
  6. Wow... she's gorgeous color... Congrats!!
  7. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  8. The colour is stunning! Congrats!
  9. Congrats. I find the Heloise's design simple, compared to other Chloe, yet elegant.
  10. Great choice; she's gorgeous!
  11. Congrats! Beautiful bag. :smile:
  12. Thank you all! I am delighted with her, even though she wasn't what I set out to buy :biggrin:

    The Nutmeg is such a lovely warm colour - although she is a bit lighter in colour than these pictures really show - and I think will brighten up a cold wet British winter for me. I feel she is a classic design too, and will last me for years.

    Now onto choosing my next Chloe when I've saved up some more money!

  13. I'm a huge sucker for Heloise - especially in this style. It's beautiful..:love:..I have it in Nutmeg as well, so we are bag twins! I LOVE it - excellent choice!
  14. That's lovely. I'm so tempted with the nutmeg. The Sloane street boutique had a nutmeg Paraty tempting!
  15. Oooooohhh, so pretty!!!!