My first Chloe - python silverado or east-west paddington?

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  1. Im getting my first chloe..really exciting now. just found d python silverado in chocolate color and east-west paddington in muscade are both so nice :nuts: dont know which one should I get..girls which is ur choice?:confused1:
  2. python, hands down!!!

  3. Python silverado~
  4. Python!
  5. Python without a doubt! Here's a pic of mine to help convince you :heart:

  6. Python - LOVE the python!!
  7. Python!
  8. wow,,cant image so many pp love python....hoho.,.acturally, i perfer python than mucade paddington as well,its not my fav color..but i live in Aus,.not sure if it is able to bring in python calling env dept on monday to find out, hopefully i can..
  9. Python Silverados have so much flair! I hope it works out for you in Australia.
  10. there's a purply python on aloharag - it's quite the looker.
  11. good news! I just called DHL n they said its no prob to get Python handbag in and if sth happens to the custom. they will send it back / wow.,so happy now..ready to buy one ..
  12. :yahoo: GREAT NEWS!!! Remember to post pics after you've brought it!!!
  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH!ALL UR GIRLS...:heart: btw, I just had a look of Dollygirl's collection, thats fantastic ! i want all of them (if got enough $$ in my bank..:shame: hoho) im going to buy from Erica (the nice lady on eBay), hopefully it can reach here this week.,then I will post pic of it,, exciting.:yahoo:
  14. ^^ :nuts: CONGRATS!!! I hope you can get the bag soon!!! BTW, Thanks for your compliments!!! :heart:
  15. I just sent payment for my Python!wow'' so exciting! cant wait c my 1st chloe.. its shipped by Global Express, 3-5 days assuming no delay on customs..hopefully it get to melbourne this week!!