My first Chloe! Paddington capsule satchel - Need advice...

  1. Hello everyone,

    My very first Chloe arrived yesterday! A paddington capsule satchel in elephant (see pics), which I managed to snatch on for an amazing deal (I thought). Here is the link to the bag:

    I absolutely and utterly LOVE the bag!!! :love: I have always wanted a Chloe and I felt this was such a great price and the color is really great (more like the first pic, a beautiful taupe).

    BUT, it came missing the dustbag which I immediately called them about and they sent over a note to the warehouse...

    Then I JUST realized it is ALSO missing the key!?!? Sadness. I am so in love with this bag but I realize that not having the key AND not having the dustbag are two bad things.

    Sooo... what can I do? I noticed others have posted about losing the key or getting a bag with a missing key but couldn't find anyone who was successful in getting a replacement.

    And is it worth returning the new love of my life b/c of this missing key? I am already so attached to my baby!!! :heart::heart::heart: But I can see that it is kind of a big deal. And $850 (w/tax) is still a lot of money regardless of the deal. But maybe this is the reason it was on sale in the first place?

    What should I do?:confused1:
    chloe1.JPG chloe2.JPG
  2. I would def speak to NM and ask them what they can do for you. They really should have said that it doesn't come without a key or dustbag. I think it all depends on how much you love the bag and if u intend to sell it in the future (which could be hard if u don't have both of these things.). If you don't then does it really matter to you? You know its real....Plus you sound like you really love this bag.

    I would speak to Chloe as well maybe? Ask if they can get a replacement key? Its got to be worth a try?

  3. If you want the bag badly call NM and get a further price reduction since you're missing the key and the bag. Then call a Chloe boutique and order a key for your bag?

  4. That's a tough one. The dust bag wouldn't be a deal breaker for me but the key could be. I have this same bag but I don't see myself having to use the key on the lock due to where and how the lock and chain hang. You did get a great deal on the bag but I understand it's still alot of money not to get the whole package. Definitely call NM and see what they can do before you make your decision. Good luck.
  5. I agree - first things first, give NM a call. The bag should hae come complete with everything, ragrdless of the sale price, unless they specified it was on sale because it was missing bits and pieces.

    A missing key on a paddington is unacceptable and you should let them know this. They may actually have the key lying around, or may provide a replacement. If they were nice about the missing dustbag, they should be happy to help.

    You sound like you really want to keep the bag, so iIf your conversation with them goes nowhere, I agree with susie - ask for a further discount and give Chloe a call about a replacement key.
  6. ^ hang on a second... your photos just loaded (they weren't showin for me before) - did this capsule ever come with a key?
  7. I agree with a PP that the dustbag wouldn't bother me but the key would. Since it's still available, maybe you could just return that one and get another?
  8. hey iwona, i might've misunderstood your question but the paddy capsules do have a key. it's a little baby key hanging off a leather strip on the side of the bag.
  9. Ooookay, so... I contacted NM. The first time I called they could only offer me a discount b/c the sales person told me the bag was discontinued (I did not complain about a discount) and instructed me to contact the manufacturer.

    I then called Chloe in NYC, and a very helpful person there told me they cannot send out keys directly to the customer when the bag is new (I guess it works differently if you are missing the key because you lost it). You must make the request thru the store... she advised me to go into an NM with the bag and have an SA request for me.

    Unfortunately the closest NM is about 6 hours away from me. :sad:

    Sooo I called back and asked if they could request the key for me. The guy I talked to was super helpful and made the request for me. He said that I might expect the key and dustbag to show up in two weeks.

    Honestly I am not holding my breath. The lock on this bag is really only for show, but I think the key (and dustbag) would be nice to have for resale.

    Anyway, just wanted to let yall know what happened.

    I still :love: love :love: the bag, and even more now with the discount! :love: Keeping my fingers crossed the key will show up.
  10. Good girl for asking! NM is great about doling out additional discounts were they're warrented! I knew you had a worthy case.

    Let us know the outcome and congratulations on your new bag. I'm excited that your excited. Such a great feeling.:heart:
  11. Oh well done you! I have my fingers crossed for you, let us when if and when ur goodies arrive. Hope ur enjoying ur lovely new bag!
  12. Needless to say, your bag is totally TDF! LOOOOOOVE IT :tup::heart:

    I just wanted to add that I lost the key for my paddy, called Chloe, and was told the same thing you were. The only additional information that Chloe told me is that you do not necessarily have to take it to NM (or the place of purchase.) If another authorized retailer (Saks, Nordies, etc.) is closer, you could try that first. They should be able to help you there. Best of luck!

    And, ENJOY your new baby!!!

  13. omg, chloe drama continues.... I have to tell you guys I feel so frustrated right now. :cursing: But I still love my bag and would not return it for the world.

    I finally got word back on Thursday from that they could NOT in fact request a key from Chloe on my behalf. They DID manage to track down a dustbag and I should get it this week...

    Sooo I decided to go down to my local Saks and see if they could request the key on my behalf, since there is no NM in my town. Well let's just say my visit did not go so well. They were flabbergasted and flustered at my request ("but you didn't purchase the bag HERE!") and insisted I speak to the manager, who was uber surly to me and almost made me cry with his nonsensical arguments about how they couldn't request a key for a bag not purchased at their store and wouldn't be liable (Huh?). :confused1: This guy also insisted that the woman I spoke to at Chloe (Tiffany) must be new, and really did not know what she was talking about and all the people that keep showing up in his store after having talked to her- expecting him to be a nice guy- are really getting on his nerves. He mentioned that most people if they got a bag w/o the key and dustbag would immediately send it back (implying clearly something must be wrong with me to keep such a bag...) I pointed out that I was not about to send the bag back since there are no more at NM in this color and I got an amazing price on it!

    Anyway I am really pissed at that guy and VOW never to return to the handbag counter at my Saks (their selection is pretty minimal anyway so no big loss)...

    I guess I will try calling a Neiman's and seeing if I can find a nice SA who will help me out. If I never get the key, its not a super huge deal... at least the lock is mostly cosmetic! ;) But a girl can dream right?

    Thank you all for letting me vent about this! The quest for the key continues!
  14. Don;t give up, i'm sure with some hard work ad a few phone calls/store visits you'll get your key. The dustbag has been sorted so thats fabulous!

    Chin up :yes:
  15. I would be calling Saks corporate and letting them know how you were treated!:hysteric: Regardless of where you purchased the bag they had no right to treat you that way!!! And... how do they know that you won't be purchasing your next bag there! You are a customer who buys designer bags, and that is what they carry isn't it! I'd get his name and immediately call Saks corporate if I were you! I am apalled at service these days! :cursing:

    Anyways, now that you received a discount, and the bag is not officially "new" anymore, maybe call Chloe and tell them that the key is missing... and you'd like to order another.

    BTW, I really love this style! Gorgeous bag, I recently saw one IRL in a chocolate color and it was beautiful! I hadn't really noticed this style before then. Congrats on your awesome find! And I am sure you will find your key!:smile: