My First Chloe: Oversize Patent Heloise!!!

  1. This is my first Chloe. I didn't even know Chloe made bags like this. I saw her at Saks and HAD to have her :drool:!!! She was originally $2100 but I got a 15% discount because a stitch is coming out and another 10% for starting a Saks account!!! Grand total with tax $1700. Please enjoy her with me...or tell me what you really think. If you don't like her, I would like to hear (just be polite:love:) For sizing purposes, I am 5'3".
    IMG_3923.JPG IMG_3924.JPG IMG_3926.JPG IMG_3925.JPG
  2. Your oversize patent Heloise is STUNNING!! I love the new styles of patent...they just POP :smile: Hope you enjoy your new baby during this holiday season!

  3. Oooooooh, you got the large patent Heloise, LVR in Italy just put them on sale and they are an expensive bag. Nordies also has some on sale. Check out the thread below perhaps you can get your bag even cheaper.

    Yes it's big on you and normally I'm not into over sized purses on small people but for some reason it doesn't bother me with you and this bag? But you have to love it!
  4. :ty:Thanks, Susieserb. I will check out Nordstrom...although, could be dangerous!

  5. Gosh yes, very dangerous.........:yes:
  6. I think it looks great! Enjoy!
  7. It's HUGE! But it's very pretty :smile: Out of curiousity - does it weigh alot?
  8. I think it looks absolutely beautiful on you. Large - but very chic. I love the color and the patent. Are you sure you couldn't find it cheaper at Nordstrom's? You could also try to do a price match and keep the same one!
  9. What a gorgeous bag! I think it looks great on you & I love the patent! Congrats & enjoy...
  10. Wow that bag is gorgoues and the colour is TDF, but to be honest, I think its a little too big on your body frame.
    Check out the Nordstrom sale stuff. Maybe they have the same bag at a better price and maybe even a smaller size!
  11. o:huh::huh:o i see you rock it very well!! specially in the second pic!! i myself congratulate u!! but i agree if u can get it at a better deal? why not :biggrin:
  12. Hey Gettin,
    Matters of bag size/ scale are a bit of a head scratcher aren't they:s ? MY DH bought me a Large Patent Quilted Bay for Xmas ( received it before Xmas) and I loved the look of it, but when I looked at myself modelling it in the mirror, I just knew it was way too big for me (I'm 5ft 4in) and I was never going to use it:nogood:. The bag was purchased in the Sacoche sale, so I'm going to swap it for a different Bay.

    Anyway, that's probably enough about me...I like the look of your bag and I don't think it looks TOO big on you, but there's no doubt about the fact that it is big. I think the difference between your bag and mine ( sorry, seem to have arrived back on the topic of 'me' again, but it is relevant) is that my bag was not only very long but also very wide, so it stuck out for what seemed like miles under my arm and bumped into things went I turned around ( not great for using the tube amongst other things). Your bag looks to be a far more practical shape to wear.

    I guess the big question is whether you've got any serious doubts about whether you're going to use it or not:confused1:.I've (oops, 'me' again, sorry:shame:smile: got a couple of gorgeous ( and expensive) bags that I've modelled several times in my bedroom, torn off the tags and then never taken out even once which drives me nuts:cursing:. When in doubt, take it back I reckon. If you do decide to keep your bag - enjoy her and wear her in good health:smile: !
  13. Thanks for all your sweet replies, ladies. The patent leather is not available anywhere, in either anthracite or the orange. It looks bigger in pics than in real life. You know how the camera adds 10 lbs? Well, it added it to my bag. I asked everyone in the store and in another store in the mall, including customers, and everybody said the size looked good. It really doesn't look as big in person. To answer another question, I think the bag is quite light weight. But I am used to carrying heavy bags so maybe not as light for others to carry. I would love to save $$$. I saw a black lambskin one, not quilted, not patent, for only $1000, but it was sold out. I don't think this is available anywhere else, but I will keep looking. I am definately using it. Had a bit of buyer's remorse when I saw the photos, but looking at it and using it in person, I love it. The tall shape gives you lots of room to use, but it doesn't feel big carrying it and it doesn't look as big (really, I promise) as it is.
  14. :tup:Sounds like you've got a winner there then - enjoy:smile:!
  15. Here are some pics of somebody in Hollywood (Colleen Mcloughlin I think the name is??). It looks better here in these pics. She is probably a little taller than me too, but you get a better idea from these pics than mine.
    heloise.jpg heloise2.jpg heloise3.jpg