My first Chloe- medium silverado doctor!

  1. I got my first Chloe in the mail today! :yahoo: It's the black medium silverado doctor. :nuts: It looks so rock n' roll and very Balenciaga to me (sorry, B-bag lover here :shame:smile:!! I'm taking it to work with me tomorrow. :wlae:

    By the way, does anyone know what kind of leather this is? Is it regular cow leather? I heard it's untreated leather...

    And what are the two little leather rings/bands on the 2 shoulder straps use for? Is it to keep the straps together? :confused1:

    Copy of IMG_1288.JPG Copy of IMG_1289.JPG
  2. Congratulations Irissy! Love it! :love: I'm guessing it's made of buffalo leather which is what my Silverado tote is made of...on those rings, never quite figured it out LOL. Would love to know too.
  3. Congrats - that is really, really nice....enjoy!:love: :yes:
  4. Cograts on your new bag!!! :flowers: Enjoy...
  5. Congrats, it looks gorgeous..!!!:nuts: The leather looks lovely:heart:
  6. It's a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  7. :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :cutesy: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
    congratulations and enjoy!
  8. OMG, that bag is totally classy, timeless.

    I love the leather!!

    If it is untreated you might consider using a protectant to keep looking good. I have a Mulberry Blenheim that is untreated and it spots very easily even with regular use of Vectra protectant.

    Enjoy!! That is a goreous bag!! :love:
  9. Thank you ladies! I took it to work and had a blast with it. :jammin: I'm going to see how I can protect this untreated leather. So it is buffalo leather then?
  10. gorgeous....congrats girl. That is a wicked hot bag.....enjoy.
  11. u know ive always liked the doctor style and ur bag's timeless!
  12. ooh congrats! Thats such a lovely classic bag!:yes:
  13. :love: !!!
  14. Im not fond of the regular silverado, but I love this style. Its beautiful!
  15. Congrats on your first Chloe, Irrisy!!!:yahoo:
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