My first Chloe' is on her way cross-country to meeee!!!!


Jan 22, 2007
So I finally did it. I bought a Chloe'! It was probably one of the scariest things I've ever done in my entire life!:sweatdrop: I was so freakin nervous giving the SA my cc info to spend $1000 on a PURSE?!?!? Am I absolutely nuts?:nuts: I know I'm asking the wrong crowd here but I swear it freaked me out a little spending that much for a purse! I sure hope I like it is alls I can say. :wlae:

I got it from the Nordies sale and it is being shipped from the Seattle Bellevue store to me here in AL. I told my SA I bet I am the only girl in a 100 mile radius with a Chloe' bag, maybe ever farther than that. I will be the only one enjoying my bag... they will all think it came from Wal-marts (as they say here) like everything else around here. :crybaby:

My husband doesn't get it, but he grudgingly agreed to let me drop a grand on a purse.. how's that for love! I told him it was a "collector's item" and I would "vintage" it for our daughters. He asked if that meant it would increase in value, "why certainly", I said! So, that along with my being his love slave for the next 6 months got me a Chloe'. :graucho:

Anyhoo - down to business... I got the smaller size front pocket Paddy in Chocolate! :yes: I am so excited now that the sticker shock has worn off a bit! :yahoo: I can't wait to get her and pet her and pack her up! I will post lots of pics of my new baby when she arrives next week! DH may be a bit surprised when I bring her to bed... does that count as a threesome?!?! :roflmfao:


Apr 20, 2006
Congratulations on your first Chloe! you'll love it!!! will soon get used it and not even flinch when you pay for a purse. Especially when you realize how nice the purse feels...the mushy leather. You will never be able to go back to cheap bags again!!!


Jan 25, 2007
Congratulations! That's a great first Chloe bag to get. I hear you about the $1,000 mark. I made that first milestone last month and couldn't believe I paid that much for a bag but once I got it and it was so beautiful I got over it! I keep reminding myself I didn't pay full price. Can't wait to see your photos!


Apr 9, 2007
Congratulations! :smile:

Your "threesome" comment made me laugh!:roflmfao: I've been obsessed with my new Paddy too - I wish I could have her out of the dustbag to admire her all the time!

I know how you're feeling too - I live in a rural area and no-one around here would know about Chloe. ;)


May 1, 2006
oooh congrats, chocolate is a great, versatile colour that you will use all year round.

The only problem is, that first credit card hit on the purse, its only gonna get easier in future now you have one ;)

cant wait to see piccies :biggrin:


Feb 9, 2007
Very good girl!!!!
You don't have to think anymore about.. "so expensive" "what have I done??" but just enjoy it!!
It's not important to buy 10 bags/month... you can also save money and choose a present for yourself once a year, for example! And it's so relaxing when people around you don't know the value of your bags or clothes!
BTW the tale about vintage... value will increase... I think it can work... even for my fiancè!;) :tpfrox: