My First Chloe in ages - The Faye

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  1. Hi Lovelies,

    Been a long time out of the Chloe loop - but the Faye has drawn me back in :cool:

    I love EVERYTHING about it - the size, the simplicity, the way it sits flat against the body but you can fill it out when required.

    So I went shopping and found the colour I really wanted - it was the last one they had.

    Chloe Faye in Motty Grey






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  2. Really gorgeous bag. Xx❤️
  3. Divine! Enjoy!

  4. So lovely! Congratulations!
  5. Very nice classic bag with edge. Congrats!!
  6. This is my dream bag, but I'm on a ban.

    If I were to get a Faye, it would have to be grey. It's the perfect shade for this style.

    Congrats! :smile::smile::smile:
  7. [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
    Love it so much. Congrats!!
  8. Beautiful Faye!!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  9. Thank you so much everybody :smile: I am so happy with it - and I agree - this shade of grey is just perfect - such a great neutral :tup:
  10. Congrats on a beautiful bag!

    I got the same bag just a few months ago but haven't used it yet. Was originally waiting for the python/camel combo, but saw the grey on display and fell instantly in love with look of this color on the Faye.
  11. Beautiful!! Love Motty grey always have! I adore the Faye- have the small I black but always drool over the larger size. Post mod pics I always love to see how people style their bags!!
  12. I am eyeing up the smaller one now too - how much can you fit in the smaller one please :smile:

  13. It doesn't hold a ton only because it doesn't expand very much as it's designed to be a flatter bag. I can fit a zip coin pouch that I put credit cards and cash in, a card case for lesser used cards, iPhone 6, tissues, lipstick, lip balm, mini box of mints, keys. I can't fit my sunnies unless I take them out of the case. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459355904.639539.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459355914.120966.jpg
  14. Oh that is so helpful - thank you so much

    So, for the price would you say it was better to get a second medium size one - or does the cross body strap make this one a must buy :tup:
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  15. I guess it depends how much you need to carry. I do love the convenience of a cross body. But I was carrying the small Faye today and it was a bit over stuffed with everything in it plus the chain always gets stuck under the bag corner so it's annoying when I'm trying to open the flap. I don't know if the medium size does that? I've never used the medium size so hopefully it's more functional than the small.

    Personally I'm really glad I bought my small Faye pre-loved because I don't think it's worth full price. I love the look but it's just not the easiest to use.

    Have you considered the small Hudson? Obviously it's a different look but I love it! It's cross body, holds more than the small Faye, and is so beautifully made. Very easy to use. I bought mine from farfetch because their prices are really good.