My first Chloé HG!!!


Mar 5, 2009
I've had this stunning beauty for a couple of weeks now (and some has been waiting very patiently for pics..:graucho:)... just taking her out from the cupboard now and then - staring at her and sniffing the gorgeous leather:biggrin:

I had not planned this purchase at all. But when I saw the pics of Katie Holmes and her new Chloé bag, I almost fell off the chair. My heart started racing faster, and I was pretty quick searching for more info, pics etc. It has the most amazing colour, a colour I've been wanting for a long time, and I simply love python leather, especially the soft type. So I knew I had to get this bag 'no matter what':P.

Now the next big question was whether I should get the large one (the one KH has) or the smaller version. I found the large size in a store online, and to my astonishment they had the smaller one at the only store that sells Chloé here in Oslo (prob in Norway all together...). Sadly they didn't have both Marcie hobo sizes in the store, so wasn't able to compare... My heart first said the large - loved the way it slouches etc. Then when trying on the smaller size, I liked that size on me. It's about the same size as Paraty, so certainly enough for my everyday bag needs. It will also keep it's shape better, and still has the little slouch in the middle.. But it was a few nerve wrecking days before I managed to decide (afraid they would sell out..).. I was a total mess. Very happy bunny now though - and introducing to you all ....

my small beige python Marcie!!!


Apr 20, 2009
You just post all the pictures you want! I love pics, especially of a new upcoming beauty like the one you got your hands on! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
Ok, now time for mod-shots!!! Lovely choice Lillemy!!!


Dec 7, 2009
Congratulations on another fabulous bag Lillemy!!! What I love about this bag is the handle. It looks soooo cool! Really structured, against the slouchiness of the bag. What a contrast... beautiful! I love it! You're one lucky girl!:woohoo:


Let's Go Caps!
Nov 1, 2008
WOW, your python Marcie is STUNNING! Post as many pics as you want, I can't get enough! Congrats!!! :yahoo: Looking forward to your cute mod shots!