my first chloe, help!!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I just purchased a Chloe bag from Bloomingdales today. I'm not sure of its exact name and I have no camera so I cant upload it, but I am pretty sure its from the new season and it is a large tote with the padlock on top and pockets on the bottom of each side and the front and back is bare except for two buckles on the lower corners of each side. Here is a picture of it from the Chloe site (the one on the right)
    I bought it in the new chocolate color. Heres the thing, in the picture the bag clearly comes with a key, but there is no key on mine. Also the bag only came with one card in the inside pocket that describes how to take care of the bag. There was no authentication card like some of the other bags I have contain. Oh yea and the bottom of my bag looks different from the regular sized paddingtons i have seen. Mine has four brass dots on each corner (same as the others) but there is no line going down the middle, instead there is another brass dot surrounded by four little dots. Is this normal?
    and what is the name of my bag??
  2. Nice! I b'lieve that is the tall (long) box satchel. Very lovely. I have the choco satchel it's fast becoming my favorite.

    However, your bag def needs a key. You can't get into the padlock without it.

    Your bag should come with the following:
    1. round Chloe hang tag with the color, content, style, etc
    2. rectangular Chloe tri-fold care card inside a sleeve
    3. creme colored Chloe dustbag with drawstring for storage
    If any of the above are missing, I would take it back.

    As for the different config of "feet", that is how it should be :yes:

    Congrats and good luck! :flowers:
  3. Congrats on your purchase! :smile: It definitely should come with a key. All paddingtons come with a key, so you can lock & unlock your padlock. I've heard people call your bag the Side Pocket Paddington. Wait for other peoples responses on the name to be sure. The bottom of your bag is normal. My large front pocket paddy is the same on the bottom. Chloe doesn't have an authentication card. It comes with the care card and the round tag that says the color, etc. Was this the only one at Bloomies? Maybe they can locate another same bag and you can get the new one or the key? :yes:
  4. ITA with hmwe and abbyy, you definitely need a key! I would go back and have them exchange it for a new bag. :smile:
  5. hi maggiie, I really love that bag, I don't know why it doesn't receive more coverage here in PF..:P . Anyway, you definitely need a key so go back and demand it!