My first Chloe from the NM presale...happy and confuse...

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  1. Okay dokie, I am new to this forum..usually at the Chanel side. During last week's NM presale, I wasn't fast enough to grab any Chanel to my liking...but instead I bought my first Chloe. Since I ordered these two Patsy online...and so new to Chloe, I have no idea of the measurment btw the large and the small tote.

    Anyway, I received this big box are my first and second Chloes...I actually only want to keep one eventhough I like the look of both on me:Push:. Maybe you Chloe experts can give me some advises as to which to keep.

    First, my large Patsy Tote in brown...


    ....and here is the small Patsy in white...


    ....and finally here is a pic of both of them togather for comparsion.


    ....oh...I have been bad, I bought one more Chloe Betty in large patent leather during the presale too, but I didn't have a chance to bring it home today. I promise to take a pic of it and share next week.
  2. I really like both of them! :smile:

    But the white made me smile a little bigger :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for your feedback Swanky Mama of Three!:yes: I love that brown color, but I prefer the small size tote...argh!:nogood:
  4. That is a really tough choice- they both look fabulous on you! The white is really fun though! Great choices!~ Congratulations!!!
  5. They are gorgeous! I like the white one a lot!
  6. I actually prefer the brown personally, to me it seems like it will last all year long plus it will fit quite a bit more without looking to huge.

    They're both lovely though so you can't go wrong either way!
  7. Thanks for ur sweet coments lv_obsessed, anghelq, and Jag!:heart:
  8. Both look great on you! love the brown one more. =)
  9. they are both gorgoues...keep both!
  10. I love them both but I'm leaning towards the white one. Congratulations!!
  11. I like the white more, it stands out alot more and with summer here its perfect!!! ​
  12. The white really stands but I like the large size of the brown. I say keep them both if you can:yes:
  13. I really like them both, but I think that the white one may be better, due to the size. BTW, I love your jeans.
  14. pquiles, thanks for your compliment. I bought my jean from Off Saks, it is Hudson jean. I love that comfortable!

    Thanks ali w, Pamella72, starbuxxx, mona_danya, gingerfarm!

    Do you think that the brown one looks too big for my size? It is so big that it makes it perfect for traveling.:wlae:
  15. LOVE off Saks for jeans!!!

    When I first looked at the pics, I actually thought the brown and white are about the same size. I think the brown makes it look smaller than it is. It looks like a good size on you!