My first Chloe, couple of questions

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  1. #1 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    Hi ladies!

    I am not a regular around here. Im actually a Louis Addict. Don't Shoot.

    I was at Saks today to go to LV, as usual........
    When i passed a table of marked down merch in front of where the bags that dont have a storefront of their own are sold in Saks.

    Lo, and behold, a lock catches my eye.

    But, not just the lock. The whole damn bag was shiny. An extremely dark chocolate brown in patent leather (id swear its just a tad off black) with brown threads, a brown lock and olive greenish brown handles that are not patent.

    I cannnot make pix internet ready at this time, unfortunately, but i was wondering if she had a name.

    Her original retail was $1935.00, marked down numerous times, to a bottom (or so i thought) price of 773.00.
    The SA was so sweet and hollered a hello and "just so you know, another 25% off today for pretty ladies" (a man in about his late 60's, so it was cute, not gross).
    Again, i say, hmmmmmmm..... $580.42 for what i think is a paddy? That bag that ppl go nuts over and use their mortgage money for? Who skip car payments and swear by them like extensions of our personalities? This I HAD to try out.

    Hmmmmm... i look. i try it on. i look some more. i ask him to hold it.

    2 lv stores and 1 return later and im back. we have a long conversation about the season's and current fashion styles before deciding to take it home and hold it against most of my closet.

    Now that im home, im glad i did. im not sure if i will ever use it, so i might end up returning it anyway.

    I wanted to know if anyone knew what the name of her color was, the marked down sticker covered up the tag and ripped it when i peeled it off.

    anyone know what it is and if thhis is a good bag to keep in my quiver? or should i return it bc its not a stand the test of time chloe bag.

    thanks for listening,
  2. Hi Shaunna.... can you EMAIL a photo?
  3. #3 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
  4. Sounds like the mocha patent paddy or dome patent paddy - what a deal!! I paid much more for mine and it was on sale -- congrats!!
  5. That sounds like a really incredible deal for a brand new paddington - especially a current one! I don't really understand your dilemma. Most of us on the Chloe forum appreciate the Paddington style bag and they are still being produced... each season they are different. Patent is a current trend. If you are more of a LV person - chloe is probaby a bit of a change from the lv monogram stuff. Most people's biggest issues with this style is it's weight.

    I personally love the paddington & the new dome is really cute. I think if you gave it a chance it might be a nice change for you :smile:
  6. I'm so jealous of you! I can never find a paddy at such a good price xD

  7. hey, youre right! its just like that, but the paddy style.
    i wore it carefully for a little bit today.
    really, i just put my stuff in it, put it on the seat of my car and brought it into work with me.

    with an agenda, a wallet, 2 bar keys, cell phone and a comic book, it was heavy as all get out! i swear, the weight of that bag just doubled!

    i already love the look of it, after just one afternoon.

    BUT< how DO you get over the weight? and how the side pockets seem like they would be so useful, but just turn into huge black holes? it was damn near empty!

    and how do you carry them? i feel like when its on my shoulder, the lock (which really is my fav part) is hidden.

    for some reason, i can't get my images web ready. im not sure what the heck is up with my iphoto program. it doesn't like me today.

    for about $610 including tax , i know its a heck of a deal. i love the way it looks.

    do you ladies really carry these every day?

    im digging thru the chloe forum now looking for pix and comments on this bag. the general consensus is that everyone loves it, i see.
  8. Yes - most of us here are paddy fans - even despite the weight. I find they are not so cumbersome if you carry them in the crook of your arm or hold by handles. They are probably not the best choice of bag to take out with you for a long day of being out and about carrying it on your shoulder the whole time - but for to and from places and socially - very great bags... Sounds like yours is lovely too.

    I generally don't keep mine zipped shut - just flip the padlock over when I need to get in and out. The outerpockets are good - but yes things do get lost. But there are harder bags out there that are less functional...

    But the paddington is just so pretty... :drool:
  9. i agree on the looks!
    im happy just looking at her, to be honest! its like art!

    i guess i have to find the answer to my own personal dilemma now:
    the heaviness, what i can hold in it
    HOW to hold it
    and is it worth the price to me.

    you gals are great, thank you so much.

    and do you USE the side pockets?
  10. actually, i love that when its all locked up that you can still get in and out of it a little bit.
    i agree that its a great bag.
    maybe what i could use is one of those small ones, the mini paddy or whatever.
    i also like those paddies that have longer strap.

    can i attach a longer strap to this regular style huge paddington?
  11. I love the side pockets on my paddy - I use them for my phone and MP3 player and my ID for work. I try not to push them down too far into the pockets, or the smooshiness of the bag kind of forces them down to the bottom and they get "lost"!
    Your new bag looks gorgeous, although they do seem a bit heavy at first, you get used to it after a while! :P

  12. saks 5th avenue in the boca raton town center mall in boca raton fl 33431.

    i was told it was a return, but it doesn't show any kind of wear. nothing at all that suggests it did anything other than sit on the shelf!
  13. initially i threw my phone and keys in there so i could have fast access to them, but i swear, i din't know how far those pockets went, i put my bag down and thought i broke my phone! it just made its way to the bottom!
  14. Haha, I know! It's crazy, I thought I'd lost things the first few times I carried my paddy. I remember my phone ringing, and I could feel it through the outside of the bag, but I couldn't find it in the centre of the bag, turns out it was buried in the side pocket.:Push:

    You get used to it eventually! I've also started carrying less in my paddy too, so it's easier to reach down into the side pockets and get what I need. No more missed calls! :roflmfao:
  15. 2 days into carrying her. heavy as all get out. and for as big as she seems, she gets full rather quick!

    i am completely in love with the look of her now.

    its down to functionality. today is my first full day carrying it. and seriously, its heavy.

    as a vegetarian, i generally don't buy anything with leather. (the vachetta on my louis' being my only exception.) the smell of the new leather bag makes me feel like i did something wrong, too!