My first Chloe! Betty! Opinions please!!!

  1. I finally got my first Chloe- black Betty hobo. It's medium sized, but still rather large. I got it on sale for around 795$. What do you guys think about it? Was it a good price? Should I keep it? I really love it, but now feel guilty having spent so much on a bag! I need opinions and, probably, encouragement!
    b1.JPG b2.JPG betty hobo.JPG betty.JPG
  2. It is beautiful and it looks great on you! $795 for a Chloe bag is a great deal but you have to feel comfortable with the purchase!
  3. I love it! That shoulder stye in my option is one of the best. Green Eggs is right the price is a great steal but don't just be lured by price, you should love your bag to start with and not just have got it because of the price. I always feel that you should love it to start with and would have bought it at full price and that the sale price just makes it even better

    Good luck with your decision - difficult one to make
  4. Congratulations.
  5. :yes: It looks good on you! $795 is a good deal....

    Enjoy your bag :graucho:
  6. I too think it looks lovely on you.

    I am loving the Betty, so I think you got a really good deal there.
  7. I think it really suits you and $795 is a great price, however it's still a lot of money. If it's guilt you're feeling, I do too, all the time though, as long as you love love the bag and are feeling it then that's money well spent!
  8. It looks great on you, I love the way it looks on you. But, if you don't love it, don't keep it.
  9. This bag matches your style perfectly! And the shoulder straps make it very comfortable to wear. If it were me, I'd keep it.
  10. The bag and you look awesome together!!!:yes:
  11. ver1982...

    the Bag looks great on you! Looks like a part of you and like it belongs. If you want to keep it but are worried about the price, then ask yourself these questions...

    Will I wear this and love it?
    ... Does it go with what's in my wardrobe?
    Is it me? (It looks like *you* in the pix!!)
    ... Is there another bag I still want? Or is this the holy grail?

    These are just some things I thought may be helpful to decide if you really want to keep it. If you can hold onto it for a few days I would... and the answer will come to you. Congratulations I've seen it in person and it's a very cool bag. :yes:
  12. Thank you everyone! I think I'm going to keep it, anyway today I'm trying it in action. I really love it, it's cool and I wanted it for a long time, just I know that I'll need to hide the real price from my parents, friends- none of them will understand 800$ on a bag!
  13. I love it - and it looks great on you!:yes: :nuts:

    Think of it like this - it may have cost you $795, but it will last 'forever'

    Better than spending $100 here and there on several cheap bags. In my experience, they just seem to fall apart after a few months!:push:

  14. i think it looks perfect for you, like you were made for each other! and i know it's a lot of money but i'm sure you got the best deal possible if that helps at all...
  15. looks great on you! KEEP IT!!! I never tell my parents/family how much anything