My first Chloe Bag!

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  1. I was shopping at Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza today and came across this bag that I think is called the Bay (not sure). Anyway, it was $836 plus tax, so I got it! When I came home to put my stuff in it (wallet, keys, cell, small makeup case...all this is really light for me in my Speedy), I found the bag to be extremely heavy! How do you guys get used to carrying such heavy bags? I don't want to return it, but it's just so darn heavy. Sorry the pic attached is kind of blurry (taken with a camera phone). This bag was a totally unexpected unneccessary purchase, and I feel guilty about it. I suppose I will get used to it before I have buyer's remorse. I own the YSL croc embossed tribute tote (very light bag) and LV Speedy 25.
  2. Very pretty bag! I have tried this style chloe, so I did not realize it was heavy. Yes, the bag is called a quilted bay. I did not realize that these were heavy bags. I just bought a non-qulted bay, I'll have to put my stuff in it and give it a try.
  3. I adore this style and bought for my 21 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves it and and even carries her school books in it. Sure it is heavy! They ALL are - but we don't care! (Most of us anyway...) We get used to it and have physical therapy from time to time. Worth it!
  4. That's weird Lorraine - I have the exact same bag (by the way, you got it for an amazing price, mine cost me over £1000 !!!) and don't find it heavy at all. Do you find it heavy even without all your stuff in it ? Perhaps you'll get used to it - if not,maybe you should return it ( or is sale stuff non-returnable ?).I guess however much of a bargain it was, it's not worth keeping if you're not going to be comfortable using it.By the way, it's called a Medium Quilted Bay (Argent).
  5. It's gorgeous! Congratulations! Lucky you to find such a great deal on a GREAT bag! Hopefully you'll get used to how heavy it is.
  6. That's the bag I have, it's gorgeous!

    Chloe's are known for being heavy, this one isn't as heavy as some of the others, but is heavier than other brands of bags.

    I guess you'll have to decide if the extra weight is worth it to you. It is for me, lol!!!

    Best of luck with your decision!
  7. Thank you all for your comments! I did get it at a good price, but before I picked it out of the cluster of purses, it was tossed around and picked at by so many women. It was chaos in that purse area. Also, the purse had some scratches and the sales lady had to go on a long search for a dust bag for me!
  8. The colour is stunning.
    I had the same bag in another colour and I found it a little cumbersome.
  9. wow !! it is a lovely bag, congrats !!!!
  10. It really is a lovely color. I don't have that bag, but I'm sure it'll take some getting used to, and I think you can get used to it soon enough!
  11. Really nice bag. Re: Chloe being heavy, yes, they are, but once you own one........the weight is overshadowed by the luxurious leather and details.
  12. I have this bag in Canelle and I absolutely love it!!! I don't think its heavy at all but then again I usually tote a large paddington, so my handbag weight meter may be a bit off. That was a fab deal you received but it counts for nothing if you don't love the bag!!! Try it for a few days and see how you feel after that!
  13. Wow... I love the bag. great color.... And WHAT A STEAL!!! You can't return it for the deal bragging rights alone!!!
  14. Great bag! I wish I could have shopped these sales! Lucky girl!
  15. it's lovely... congrats :smile: