My first Chloe bag!!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Today I came home and had a package from NAP waiting for me.:woohoo::yahoo:

    Here are pics of my new Edith messenger in ecureil.:heart:


    with shoulder strap:


    I’m in love!!!!:love:

  2. Very nice!!! Congratulations! Edith and whiskey to boot! Beautiful!!
  3. Congrats!!!!! Be warned...the Chloe habit is very addictive :smile: Enjoy your new beauty!!
  4. WOW congrats!! It's beautiful!!! :tup:
  5. congrats! love the leather on this bag..very even and smooth. Enjoy it!
  6. are going to LOVE this bag!
  7. it's really beautiful... how long did it take for you to receive it?? i ordered my first Chloe (yay!) yesterday and am counting down to getting it!!

    i got the kerala shoulder bag in black :yahoo::yahoo: i have a feeling im going to get a new obsession!!! hehe!!!
  8. congrats! stunning! hope you enjoy your bag.
  9. Congrats! Edith is such a classic bag, very pretty colour too!
  10. Thanks everyone!:smile:
    I am totally in love with it!:love:
  11. Absolutely STUNNING! I love the richness of the color....congrats! :tup:
  12. You know what? It is TO DIE FOR! Congratulations Airis!
  13. Congrats on an Awesome bag! Modeling shot please :tup::heart::yes:
  14. Congrats on your first Chloe bag!
    I have the exactly same bag, it is my favorite! Enjoy!
  15. This is one of my favorite bags!!!! Congrats..