My FIRST Chloé bag

  1. hello ladies :nuts: today is a great day: I have to decide for my FIRST chloé bag... So happy :yahoo: Anyway, please help me choose the style: I love the chloé bay bag in blue (the one with shoulder strap, or "messenger" style) and the ava one... bot the color of ava. Which is the better one?
    And what about the edith hobo? OMG, help me please :push: Thanks ladies :heart:
  2. NAP has the Ava in Moka on sale today...if that's what you want! :graucho:
  3. so you suggest the ava in moka.. But I was wondering, we're quite in summer, is better a light color as blue or tan, or.. maybe moka. And what about winter? are tan and blue pretty enought even for winter? :sos: