My first Chloe bag!

  1. Hi everybody! I am new to the Chloe forum *wave* and I would like to share my first Chloe purchase with fellow enthusiasts!

    Enjoy my (badly-taken) pictures!

    Some information for references:
    Style: Paddington Satchel with strap
    Color: Muscade
    Price: Org $1525 on sale for $600
    Wow, where did you get such a deal: Nordstrom, San Jose
    Little useful facts: Top handles are shorter than the regular paddingtons and cannot fit under shoulder comfortably. Strap lets bag hang around hip level. Surprisingly holds a decent amount of things!

    I :heart: the bag, can't stop touching it!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. Lovely! Wish I could go to those sales!!!
  3. wow! such a beauty at such a GREAT price too! congrats!
  4. YAY, love the bag. is scrumptious! You got such a good deal too. CoNgRaTs!!!
  5. $600??!! :nuts: Bargain!!! Gorgeous bag too!

    Another B.U.M member for thelace!
  6. CONGRATS to you, meeowy!
    GREAT DEAL on a beautiful bag! :tup:
    Thanks for sharing your discovery... Hope it won't be your last Chloe!... as I'm sure it won't! :p
  7. what a deal
  8. What an amazing price, and an amazing bag! Congrats!
  9. Oh how I love this.Congrats very very pretty!
  10. Hello meeowy ! Welcome to the wonderful world of CHLOE:party:

    Your muscade Paddy is absolutely GORGEOUS! So happy for you and hope you wear her proudly and in good health :tup:
  11. Thanks everyone! :love:
  12. That bag is too cute and such a great price! Congrats on your first and I'm sure not your last Chloe.