My first Chloe bag! But she comes with issues...

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  1. hi vivi ~ love your new paddy. she looks great on you :tup: she also looks great with your chocolate uggs.

    btw... vivi is my nickname IRL ~ short for vivian :smile: is that the same for you?
  2. You will carry the bag a lot :yes:! Maybe you will take a lot of care the first time...but then, you are going to love the Paddy so much, enjoy it and take it for a spin one day and another and another..., I know. And you will get lots of compliments about it :graucho::tup:!
  3. lol! i might be throwing a spanner into the works, but if i were you, i would return it. :yes: why don't you save the $800+ and that could mean you can get the pink berry earlier? :heart:
  4. Hi rx7girliegirl! Vi is what my folks called me growing up, and some of my old friends called me Vivi. Short for Vickie! How about yours? What does the "Rx" stand for?!
    Oh and YES...I :heart: my Uggs. These ones are actually the gray ones, but I would love to own the chestnut ones and the dark brown ones too :P! I wear them ALL THE TIME (@ home too!). It's great out here in the cold!

    scarcici-- Thanks for the support ;)!
  5. ^^Lol. You brave gal you! Don't think I haven't thought of it! Problem is there is only a 5 day window to return her and plus I wanted a "neutral" Paddy for my 1st Paddy. I think I'll feel more confident about owning her after the weather changes and I actually get to carry her...I hope :sweatdrop:. If it weren't for the chipping/peeling hardware :Push:!
  6. Oh, that's a cute name. My baby cousin's name is Vicky (short for Victoria) and I'm Vivian. I think a love for V names run in my family :smile:

    My rx7girliegirl name is just just an ID use for EVERYTHING! I've had it since middle school :P - which was SOOO long ago :crybaby:

    I couldn't tell that ur UGGs are gray - very deceiving :sneaky:
  7. Vicky ~ Just want to share some personal thoughts with you. I've been reading the posts about your bag and I know you're a little bothered by the usedness of your paddy.

    I purchased my first paddy (in sable) about 3 months ago. When I received my bag, I was a bit disappointed by the wear that was on it. But since she was my first, I decided to keep her. However, in the back of my mind those little nicks and scratches always bothered me. Recently, I was able to find one in better shape and will be replacing my existing with that one. So pretty much I'll be replacing one for another that's same year and same color - anal.. I know.

    So, I think if you are bothered by the small imperfections, you can take her out for a spin when the weather is nicer and see how you feel. You may grow to love those little imperfections as they may add character to your bag. If you are still bothered, then you can always look for one in better condition later on. :smile:
  8. ^^Aw, you're such a sweetie :heart:. That really does make me feel a whole lot better. Especially hearing from someone who's "been there!" I am just wondering why I'm not: :yahoo:...but rather: :smile:. I WAS: :yahoo: when she was on her way to me, but that was BEFORE I discovered the "issues." I'm sorta anal too, but I have to keep reminding myself..."THIS IS A 2ND HAND BAG, you idiot." I just know that there are some in better condition out there. Of course, it didn't help that the issues were not disclosed, so my heart was expecting- close to perfection. Okay, I'm just on a rant now.

    No, but THANK YOU for your input. It really DOES make me feel better that you also kept your less than perfect 1st paddy ;). Actually another tPFer mentioned that I could carry her for a half year, and then if I'm unhappy, I could sell her. The economy reeks so bad now though I can't sell a single thing lately! Okay, that's another rant I won't drag you gals into :P.
  9. I 100% understand how you feel. As I'm reading your post, I'm thinking to myself "Oh - I felt like this... and like this too"

    I think you should just take her out a few times and just enjoy her for the time being. If anything, you may find another in a few months and then sell her when the economy pics up a little. The good thing about the paddy is that it's very classic - so there were always be someone looking to buy one.
  10. You should take her out for a spin! :P

    Seriously, I took it's twin out to the UK and it was subjected to everything - freezing weather and loads of rain, my poor choco. It survived though - not a mark on it!

    The beauty of the colour is that it's so rich and dark you can basically take the bag anywhere. :yes:

    If you are still waiting for the perfect time to take her out though I hope she gets a great first outing and you enjoy wearing her :heart:
  11. i think that choco is beautiful - warts and all. i think that like many suggested, you should take her out and enjoy her!
    you won't have to worry about getting the first mark on her, so you can relax and have fun.
    i predict that soon you will not even think about her imperfections, and noone else will notice at all. and then like rxgg suggested, you can trade her in for a new model down the line, if you so choose!
    .....and i think she is lucky to have you, because you did see her beauty and want to keep her, even tho she was not perfect! she has character, after all !!!!! :heart:
  12. Aw, you gals are the greatest :heart:. See, this is why I love tPF...everybody understands everyone and the support is fantastic (the enabling is pretty intense too :P)!
    rx7girliegirl-- ITA. I don't want to think about giving her up, but yes, that could definitely be an option...later down the line.

    qwerty234-- That sounds awesome--if your choco paddy survived UK's rough weather, then mine should be able to survive NE's nasty weather as of late! I will be sure to think of you when I take her out for her first ride ;)!

    pilatesworks-- Yes, I :heart::heart::heart: the choco ESPECIALLY during this cold cold snowy winter! I know I need to take her out already. Maybe this weekend for V's Day dinner...:thinking: Thanks for the support...and for recognizing that yes, bags do have feelings too :P!
  13. you can take the paddy out in all weathers!!! i dont put anything on mine usaually.
  14. Glad to hear that you're loving your bag, my heart went out to you with the whole indecision thing (it's sort of like finding the perfect shoe.. only to find out that they've run out of your size!). She is a gorgeous bag though, and a beautiful colour. Very rich.

    Hopefully you'll have more luck with your future purchases! :smile:

  15. I second this comment :yes:

    I had my mini jaune out the other day and it got drenched. I tried to keep it under my arm and as close to me as possible, but there was no escaping the rain and both 'jauney' and I were soaked.:Push: (I name my bags :nuts:)

    It dried up really quickly though - and not a single mark on it. I really should waterproof it, it's my only paddy I haven't waterproofed. Looks like it's holding up okay so far though!:tup: