My first Chloe bag! But she comes with issues...

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  1. Ske looks great with your outfit :tup:. Love the toilet shot too! Didn't even notice until I read your post :roflmfao:
  2. bag*mad*bags-- Thanks! It's my "@ home" outfit :P. Ummm...still sitting on it. I have to decide by the AM, as tomorrow is the last day. I'm leaning towards, YES.

    Woody-- Aw, shucks, thanks. It's freezing here, so I'm usually dressed in layers. I haven't even left the house today. Yeah, the bathroom has the best lighting, and the best mirror for pictures :blush:
  3. it looks fab so go with your heart!
  4. Thanks for the advice bag*mad*bags! I know I said I didn't mind the nick on the key in one of my previous posts, but it sorta bothers me now. The peeling on the lock and ring is not too noticeable, but the key really has a chunk of brass missing :cursing:. Not bad enough to make me want to return the bag, but it's just annoying! Hopefully, I'll get over it. Hey, it will make it that much easier to "break in" the bag ;). Sorry for being so indecisive guys!
  5. Sorry im late to the story - read right through today - vivi, sounds like you loved the bag from the start. If you look after a paddy it wont chip, so i doubt more damage will occur with you carrying her with love. If you were to return you might regret since you seem fond of her now. As the girls have said, its already chipped so you wont feel so 'on egg shells' about carrying her around. Glad you got some refund - at least they did that.
  6. I can feel with you being annoyed by the chip, but the modelling pic with the bag looks so nice! Very beautiful on you, and the leather looks very yummy! A tough decision! But I agree, it sounds as if you actually don't want to let her go....
  7. Vivi1205 - I tried to reply to your PM and it seems you have dropped off the members list :shrugs:. I hope you read this post and its just some technical glitch.
  8. Thanks for your input Rowe55! I'm keeping her...and I'm going to be super careful!

    Brigitte0810-- The leather IS super yummy :drool:! She's a keeper. And thank you so much for helping me with authenticating. You gals are such sweeties :heart:!

    Woody-- I'm still here! My inbox might be full though. I tend to let my msgs get overfilled (voicemail, email, pm msgs, texts, etc...:blush:) I'll delete them now if you still want to PM me!
  9. enjoy the bag!!
  10. So glad to hear you're keeping her! :heart: She looks great on you, perfect size and such a gorgeous colour too :tup:
  11. vivi, our tastes are so similar! paddies would be my next obsession after i'm done collecting my coach old legacy 06 items (about 6 more to go!). congratulations on your first paddy! :yahoo: thanks for that modeling pic too! we're so similar in size and that is a good reference for me! i'm hoping that my first would be a jeans moyen or dove grey, and i know the baby in these colours is almost impossible to find but i always seem to be looking for HTFs! :Push:

    enjoy your first paddy sweetie! i would look into getting a new lock and key if i were you. :yes: good luck!
  12. Thanks bag*mad*bags and qwerty234! Can't wait for the weather to get better so I can take her out of her dust bag already!!!

    Dragonette!! Fancy meeting you here :P! Yes, I've been crushing on Chloe for a couple of years and finally decided to take the plunge! Unfortunately my paddy is not perfect, but I am hoping to get a brand new paddy sometime this year :yes:! Yes, the baby paddies are tough to find, I think, but that's part of the fun, right? The thrill of the chase! After all, some of those Coach pieces you have are EXTREMELY rare, but you've managed to find them! The gals in the ATC thread are AMAZING. Be sure to get your paddies (when you start your hunt) authenticated there! I will be sure to keep an eye out for your legacy items! Have you checked Bonanzle?!
  13. yup, i do check bonanzle too! thanks for keeping an eye out for me! my paddy journey won't start for awhile, but i'm already plotting and planning. :nuts: i'll be following your chloe journey in the meantime! :yahoo: indeed, part of the fun is the thrill of the chase, although sometimes, i just want to cut to the chase (especially after waiting for 10 months!). hehe! but i will wait if i have to... i believe that with patience, anything is possible! :heart:
  14. Glad to hear you are keeping this lovely Paddy and you got some refund :yes:. The bag looks great on you :tup:, it´s so classic and the colour is awesome. Now, what you need to do is to take a lot of care with the bag in order to not damage it more :smile:...
  15. Dragonette-- Lol. Yeah, but the longer you wait...the more special the moment you get your baby :heart:! But, I totally know what you mean...I've waited so long for my paddy...I just wish she were in perfect condition. I'm definitely buying BRAND NEW the next time around. I am typing this, I'm wondering if I'm having 2nd thoughts :thinking:...

    Scarcici-- Thanks! I do LOVE the colour and the leather is in perfect shape. The only thing I worry about now is...will I carry her less BECAUSE I fear causing more damage? Hope not! Not @ that price!