My first Chloe bag! But she comes with issues...

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  1. thats not good is it!! i bet you dont here from them. i would contact cc company if you plan to return it!
    th leather is beautiful on that bag!
  2. Yes'm, I have seen that. And even in the thread I posted about the seller AND in the seller's toolhaus, there is both good and bad. My point was OF THE BAD, the complaints seem to be very consistent in "poor communication, trouble w/ return/refund, merchandise not as described/photographed". There seems to be a pattern from those folks having issues... and they are all pretty consistently stating exactly what you yourself have stated here, this far.
    And you are right about the return policy, 5 days. SO I hope that they will have the courtesy to get back w/ you soon.
    According to their website, Fashionphile is an open-to-the-public store in Beverly Hills... you'd think they would be answering the phone..??:confused1:
  3. for the money you paid you should of recieved a mint bag imo . the chipping is noticable and does detract from the bag . I also think you should link this to the ebay forum, Good luck but your complaint is very valid.
  4. UPDATE: After sending a 2nd email with pics of chipped hardware attached and 4 phone calls with nobody answering, I finally get through on the 5th call. The lady I spoke to was VERY nice and I explained my issue (very nicely). I told her the chipping was not disclosed to me and I had sent 2 emails with no response as of yet. I also mentioned that I had enjoyed my transaction with fashionphile, until now. She told me I could go ahead and return the bag. I mentioned "partial refund" a couple of times, and she didn't seem to hear me. After she gave me the mailing address to ship the bag back, I asked one final time...and told her I purchased the bag from their website and not eBay. She put me on hold and told me she could only take $50 off since it's on consignment. (I was hoping for 10%, but 6% is better than nothing :shrugs:). I really don't want to part with this gorgey bag :sad:. She told me I could think about it over the weekend, and if I decide not to keep it, I could ship it back on Monday. I asked her when my cc would get refunded, and I heard her ask a guy in the background. Then after I got off the phone, I received a response to my email.

    "Hi, I know you just got off the phone with Julie and I have refunded you $50. We do make a strong effort to disclose all items that we see by both picture and write-up. Yes periodically we do miss some things. So we are sorry. I am glad to see Emily even had extra pictures sent you. Thanks for shopping Fashionphile.


    At least they apologized.
  5. Glad you did get a little bit of a refund :yes:

    Are you still unhappy with what you paid for the bag in the condition it's in though? If you are, you shouldn't have to just 'live with it', you might want to consider returning it.

    There are lots of gorgeous Chloe browns, although no two are the same shade, there is the possibility that you will see another brown paddy turn up in better condition at a better price.
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    Hi Mica!
    I was hoping to get the price down more, but I DID get her 2nd hand. I have to remind myself that she was not brand spanking new to begin with. The email that they sent back to me makes me want to request more of a refund because they actually admitted fault and apologized. I don't want to be THAT person though, KWIM? It was nice enough that they even did the partial refund. I'm waiting patiently for my HG paddy :love: that I will get from a store-you know the one. I still want my neutral one though as the my 1st Chloe. What would you do?
  7. I think you have been very fair in asking for a refund, what may have happened as the bag was on consignment is that they've already given the money to the person who consigned the bag, which is why they are reluctant to give a bigger refund. It will just make it harder to battle for more of a refund.

    Tough question! If it was me,...hmm. For my first paddy, she was spotless, so I was lucky. I do know the chipping is inevitable so I'd probably be okay with it, although a bit upset it wasn't disclosed, I know it does happen. :shrugs: I think that the chipping is only really an issue to the owner of the bag, my jaune paddy is the most chipped paddy I've seen IRL, but no-one has noticed but me! :roflmfao: So it comes down to you - if you're not happy, if it will bother you too much, then this isn't the bag for you.

    If on the other hand, it's just the initial shock at getting a bag in worse condition than expected, you might grow to love the bag and not notice the chipping so much. What do you think when you're carrying her? Are you trying to "cover" the chips, or are you too busy admiring how the bag looks and feels on you? That might be a good gauge :yes: :heart:
  8. YES, you are right about the consignment aspect. That was what the SA told me.

    TBH, the bag is in amazing shape, minus the chipped hardware. The handles, the body of the bag, the interior. She actually looks pretty new to me (minus the hardware) :yes:. Yes, the chipping is annoying, but not deep- like chunks missing (except for the key- but that's less obvious as it will probably be hidden anyhow). When I examine her again, it appears that the brass coating is very thin...which leads me to believe that the peeling/chipping IS inevitable with this particular bag.

    That's too bad about your jaune paddy. Are you bothered by your chipping less now that you've owned her longer? Do you have pics of your chippiness? If it's too painful :wondering...don't worry. I just like to know I'm not alone.

    Also, I haven't really carried I've been trying to be super careful with her in case I DO return her. I think I will try her out around the house in daylight and see how noticeable the chipping is. You know how it is when you initially get your bag and the entire inspection process pretty much takes over :shame:. I absolutely :heart::heart::heart: the size and look of this size paddy though. I know that FOR SURE. She's PERFECT (minus the hardware issues...haha).
  9. Honey, it's such a shame she's only 80% perfect for you :sad: If this helps, this was my thought process when I got my Jaune paddy (like a live in-my-head unboxing! :roflmfao:)

    "tearing open box, why is it taking so long....stupid packing tape!
    Ah, it's a gorgeous yellow, :drool: it's stunning, I love this colour, how could I have lived without it. It will go with so much! Run through a few outfit ideas...
    Look at the leather smoosh! Ahhh!
    Smells gorgeous!
    It's supposed to be used - I don't see the use?
    Searching leather, oh, there's the mark the seller disclosed. Hmm, looks great for a used bag! Handles are perfect.
    Oh, the padlock loop, it's all chipped. Hmm.
    Well, that didn't show up in the photos. hmmm.
    I guess this happens all the time though with paddies.
    It means I don't have to be the first to chip it...
    I'll live with it!"

    Then I immediately transferred everything into my new bag! :nuts:

    And there you have it - an insight inside my head! :roflmfao:

    I will try and take a photo of the chipping for you later tonight to show you. :heart: I think I was more prepared for my bag to be chipped as I'm aware it happens, and of course, my bag was a lot cheaper than yours, so that may have affected my reaction too. I just loved the bag so much, I know chipping happens, and I decided I could live with it. It comes down to what you feel in the end, as you're the one carrying her :heart:

    ETA: I immediately starting using my jaune bag. I didn't even waterproof it as I felt so comfortable, like it had already been broken in and even my clumsy self couldn't do anything to detract from the beauty.
  10. Vivi - it sounds like you really like the bag. I think you have been a bit rail roaded with the refund though.

    I noticed this very accurate description on a consignment store website:

    Condition: Excellent. Corners show no or extremely minimal wear. Lock is not chipped. Hardware shows no tarnish. Interior is clean.

    If only they were all so descriptive but provides a good check list. It sounds like even if you got the refund you would have liked it would have only been another $50 or so (my maths is SO bad) better off. I reckon put it all down to learning (I will too!) and be happy. I think you will enjoy the aspect that Mica mentioned that you won't have to worry whether you put the first mark on it or not..

    This is all meant in the nicest possible way and not like telling you to suck eggs. And please...some modelling pics soon!!!:yes:
  11. if you decide to keep it, maybe you could get a new key through chloe, but in all honesty they should have notice the chipping.
    btw, you've been amazingly patient!:flowers:
  12. glad you at least got some money back...
  13. qwerty234-- You're so funny :P. LOVE your thought process! I can totally relate! And btw, ITA about breaking the bag in easier when she already has some qualities that make her "not so new!" No worries about taking pics of your jaune baby...I was just curious if you already had any pics.

    woody-- YES, definitely a learning experience! Thanks for all your support and it's nice to have someone in a similar place with regards to our new expensive addiction :blush:.

    pukasonqo-- Not terribly worried about the key, as I don't think I will let it hang outside the bag too much (although, do you know how much would Chloe charge for a new key?). Thanks for the patience comment...I've really been a mess inside though :sweatdrop:!

    daisyrockyrosie-- Thanks for the support :flowers:!
  14. ^^As requested...some modeling pics. Sorry about the dirty mirror, and sorry that I'm standing on a toilet :shame:.

  15. love your cardi!!!

    so is she a keeper?
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