My first Chloe bag! But she comes with issues...

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  1. She came wrapped beautifully :heart::

    I couldn't wait to get her out of her dust bag :blush::
  2. Introducing my new 07 Moka Paddington!
  3. #3 Feb 5, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2009
    ooh a reveal... love the spot tissue paper!

    ooh and the moka paddy looks so yummy congrats!!!

    what issues are you referring to ??
  4. My question for you fellow Paddy-owners is this...I bought this bag "gently carried" but it seems that some of the hardware is chipped/peeled and I don't know if I should address it or is it inevitable anyway.
    Here are some more photos:
    UNAVOIDABLE and INEVITABLE? :confused1:
  5. Oh hi LaMissy! Didn't know I had an audience! Yay! Figured I'd throw out my thread and see if anyone had any suggestions!
  6. do you have the original listing? was all the chipping disclosed?

    you know what I went though a similar thing with a chloe paddy and I totally understand where you are coming from.
  7. The original listing is no longer available. It stated "gently used" but did not mention the chipping. I'm assuming the "gently used" IS disclosing the chipping :shrugs:. If it is inevitable, then I don't have a problem with it. I might just rethink getting a brass hardware paddy and opt for a silver paddy instead :thinking:. I just really dig this colour--very neutral for my first paddy!
  8. yes some of the paddy have chipping problems but not all. Does it really bother you? its a shame the listing has gone I would have advised you to post in the ebay forum if you wanted help claiming a SNAD?
  9. Hmmm...a good idea, if I got her off eBay. She came from A pretty reputable site, but I'm still getting my newbie doubly authenticated...just in case :shame:. The chipping doesn't bother me a whole lot if I know it will happen anyway. I'm just not used to buying 2nd hand so I expect brand spanking new.
  10. beautiful bag!
    the padlock does tend to chip a bit with use although i am not sure about the key chipping like that.
    you could try to claim a partial refund for the chippingof the key as it looks like it got bumped against something.
  11. I have an 05 that I bought used and it's chipped up too...but you can't really tell unless you look at a closely. My coworkers were understandably appalled that bags that expensive chip so easily...
  12. And my key is even more banged up than yours...
  13. Vivi...
    You may want to read this thread on the Ebay Forum before you make up your mind. There have been MANY complaints about this seller NOT disclosing damage to items she sells. "Reputable seller" seems to have varying opinions.

    IMO, damage to almost any HEAVILY USED and/or abused bag is inevitable. It truly depends upon how the bag is used and cared for.
    As to your bag, MY own decisions would be based more on (a) did I pay a fair price for a bag w/ such damage, and (b)was this damage disclosed to me by the seller prior to purchase..??

    And let me advise this... IF you decide that you are not keeping the bag, be very careful how you return the bag. If you paid w/ PP, then I would advise that you file a SNAD claim thru PP to insure the refund AND to avoid any extras such as a "restocking fee". If PP tells you to return the bag, INSURE and get signature confirmation. You cannot make any mistakes w/ this return.
    You only have 45 days from date of purchase to file SNAD.
  14. The lock is not going to stay pristine, if the condition of the body of the bag/leather and handles etc are intact and in good condition, I would be satisfied. It's a shame they didn't photograph the chipping the listing, but I don't think it would be a dealbreaker for me... Hopefully you will treat the bag with more care than the previous owner, and there will be less future bangs & knocks.
  15. That's a shame they didn't disclose those chips. I would definitely disclose them and point them out if I was listing the bag. However, these look like things which happen during everyday use so could perhaps be termed "gently worn". Can I ask how much you paid?
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