My First Chloe (at a steal!). How did I do, girls??

  1. I took my kids to our mall today and parked at Nordie's like I usually do. I dragged my toddler boys through the handbag department and confirmed with the SAs that they DON'T sell Chloes at that store. However, they pointed to the sale table and said there was one that had been returned 2 weeks ago (and it's still there?? Good Lord, it must be hideous.)

    I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a Claire (Tote?) in the Gris color! (I think there's a PFer with one because I've seen a photo somewhere). It wasn't on my wish list but it was originally $1790 marked down twice to $709.90. I had the Mgr hold it and took the kids to the food court. I think I had a slice of pizza but honestly, I wasn't thinking of anything but that poor, unloved Chloe sitting in a sea of icky markdowns. Suddenly, it occured to me that there was no dust bag! Surely that was worth an extra 10% off! I went back and bravely asked for the extra 10%. The Mgr checked and discovered that it was the last one in the company -- then gave me the discount. $638.91 + tax. Hooray! I'll take it!

    Please tell me I don't have to worry about the authenticity. It feels divine and I like to think I have a clue. Sorry for the long message but I'm just so excited to have my first Chloe. I didn't think it would be Claire but I think we were meant for one another.:p

    Now, anyone have an extra dust bag they want to part with??

    P.S. Does anyone know what season it's from? Do I have the name right? I googled with no success.
    Claire Gris.jpg
  2. Congratulation! It's a v! beautiful bag :yes:
  3. Duh. I see now after checking old threads that this is a Gladys Tote. If the color is Gris, I wonder what the "Claire" part means...
  4. I have that same bag. It is a two-zip Gladys style. The color is "gris claire." You can see pics in the reference section under "Gladys."


    Edited to add: I got during the summer at Nordstrom, and they also told me it was the last one in the company. Either someone returned it, or Nordstrom's pants are on fire. :p
  5. That's a Gladys, actually. I used to own a Galdys in the same color, but it was the one that zipped close.
    It's lovely; wear it in good health! :heart:
  6. I think that it is very cool... what a great buy! (you girls in the US are very lucky... we don't have chloes on sale tables here in australia... they are behind glass and key and hardly ever marked down... and if they are - not by very much)
  7. Wow, great buy! Awesome bag, I like it!!! Congrat's!!!
  8. Oh congratulations eastcoastkelli! Gladys is AMAZING!
    It's from last Spring I believe.
  9. Yes this is the Gladys, congrats lovely bag, enjoy!
  10. What a great bag!!! Congrats!!! ;)
  11. Beautiful purse and great price! Will go with practically anything in your wardrobe.
  12. I love it....congrats on a great deal!!
  13. Gorgeous AND on sale! Excellent! Enjoy, it's beautiful :yes:
  14. Very nice! Congratulations!!!
  15. Congratulations on your purchase. You got a great deal!