My first Chloe -- any info on this bag?

  1. Hi there, I am not too familiar with Chloe, but ever since I joined tPF I've been curious. I just purchased this Chloe bag on eBay, and I'm wondering if the ladies on this board could help me out with what year it's from, the proper name and (gasp) the retail price. (Just in case I decide down the line to sell it on eBay, I like to know these things.)

    Many thanks in advance!
    Chloe1.jpg Chloe2.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bag. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I think it's from S/S '03.

    No idea of the name, I'm afraid. But it probably won't have had a name like 'Paddington' or 'Betty' as Chloe bags weren't named like that then (it probably would have been more of a description, like 'Beaded Bag', or something).
  3. Hmmm...... Ive never seen this one before.
  4. ^ Haven't you?

    I'm sure I have. :yes:

    Of course they are faking the older bags now, as well, so you have to be very careful.

    If you have any doubts about authenticity, lori, please can you let us know which seller you got it from and post close-ups of all the details?