My first Chloe... a strip. :)

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  1. Can you guess? :drool:

  2. That got to be a cherry Saskia!!!:yahoo: Am I right?
  3. Suspense..........
  4. I agree with kbnkch! Something red, and I think the handles are too flat for most things, has to be a saskia?

    We want to see more :nuts:
  5. :popcorn:
  6. You r 2 funny!!!! Love the popcorn guy.

    Now ...bring on THAT bag!!! Drum roll please....:woohoo:
  7. definitely a red Saskia....
  8. :sleepy::sleepy: good morning red bag - please wake up and show what you are ...
  9. Drumroll...

  10. Ok, its not a Saskia, its a Kerala!

    This is the best strip ever....and OP has a LOT of patience!
  11. I have never seen this bag!!! I thought for sure I was right about Saskia.

    Strip away, girl. all the way!!!:drool:
  12. Think Mona is right, looks like a Kerala.:yes:
  13. First a close-up.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]