My first Chanels

  1. Well, its official, Im addicted, and in trouble lol!!

    I purchased a GTS with gold hardware last week, as I thought it would be a great start, and I am loving it. A few piccies here for you :smile:


    Then, because I am still desperate for a lambskin, I purchased the new Camillia wallet in black, its just gorgeous too!!


    and then I thought I might as well jump in right at the deep end :graucho: and should have this by the end of the week

  2. WOW! When you meant first Chanels, you really meant it! That wallet is so cute and the reissue is such a beautiful colour! GST is classic of course! Enjoy!
  3. Omg I've been waiting to see the Camilia wallet and it's soooo gorgeous! I just bought the metallic black reissue wallet but I think I might need to get this one too!
  4. Congratulations on your GST, wallet and red "hybrid" bag!:tup:
  5. OMG your camelia wallet is TDF!!!! I love it! How much?
  6. LOVE the GST! And the wallet is beeeeeeeeeeeeauuuuuuuuuutiful!
  7. That wallet is:drool:
  8. gooorgeous wallet, and what a lovely selection of bags you've picked out for yourself! What a way to start a chanel collection, you've done well :tup: CONGRATS and enjoy them, they're gorgeous!
  9. Thanks so much lovelies :biggrin:

    Poosdarling, the wallet was 275 pounds (approx 550 dollars) :smile:
  10. Wow, you're off to a great start on a Chanel collection! Congrats! I love them all! What size is that small Reissue?
  11. Wow, great start!!!!!!!!!! The wallet is adorable.

  12. Hi Tammy, description given was a Chanel 255 Medium classic flap :tup:
  13. Can you post the style number of the wallet please? TIA!
  14. GOsh I knew you had them but seeing them is a whole different ball game!

    Well done honey - you deserve them and they are absolutely scrummy. WHat a fantastic start. that reissue haunts me something big time I tell ya!
  15. Great purchases love them all and the wallet is pretty.