my first chanel

  1. Below is my first chanel - a wallet that is stitched with all the different leather chanel has used till 2006. Love it to nuts!

    And also, my friend with her chloe wallet.[​IMG]
  2. WOW !! What an amazing find ! Where did you get it?? it's very cute
  3. I got it as a gift. But it's from spore's chanel branch at the town area. Really love it! :smile:
  4. congrats on your first chanel! it's unique.
  5. so cute! congrats!
  6. very nice, i think that's the patchwork wallet...they also have a bag as well.
  7. Congrats!! So cute!!:heart:
  8. Wow that is so pretty!! :drool:

    Lucky! I want one, too! Hopefully the one here in Waikiki will have it, too!
  9. I love it!! Very unique and pretty.
  10. Very pretty! Congrats!
  11. So cute. Congrats.
  12. Cute!
  13. so cuuty! congrats :tender:
  14. ooh nice! how much was it?