My first Chanel!!

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  1. Hiya my sweet and kind PF ladies!! :love:

    I'm proud to post you my first Chanel bag!!! :heart:
    I bought yesterday at Venice's boutique, it was a nice experience!!
    In the beginning I was a bit afraid but the SA who greet me in the beginning (a man) was so kind! Then he had to go away and asked a lot of times sorry to leave me with his colleguee!! She was a woman and was kind too.
    It took me more than an hour to decide because the east/west costed more than I thought! It is now 1050 euro, while I expected the equivalent of 1050 dollars!
    There was a lovely mini flap with a small camelia, in black vernis. It was lovely and it costed 730 euro. I wanted it but the SA suggested me it was more an evening bag than a daily bag.
    So after a lot of indecision I bought this mini flap in caviar black leather, with gold hardware. I asked if they have silver hardware but the SA told me they don't have it and don't think they will have it in the future.
    Speaking, she told me the Coco cabas were all already sold out last July in the waiting list!!
    However, I had a great experience and I'm so glad I own a Chanel bag!! Today was rainy so I was scared to bring out my baby for a walk, but then decided to use it the same eheheh!!
    My box doesn't have any labels with the model code etc and I don't have neither the dust bag, is it a mistake of the SA or the mini flap come only with the box? I think I prefer to storage the bag in the box than dustbug - it's more practical I think!
    However now that I have a Chanel bag I see every other bag in a different way!!! She will be my precious for soooo many years and years, I'm sure!!
    The SA (man) told me I was very well informed about all Chanel lines etc and asked me why, I told about you eheheh!! :graucho:
    However, if you ever go to Chanel boutique in Venice I recommend you to speak with the SA man, he's a sweetie!! :yes:
    Will post more photos in next days! :yahoo:

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  2. It's sooo cute! Congrats! Lovely collection, btw!:heart:
  3. Thanks!
    Wow your dog is soooo lovely, I would love to hug him or her a lot! Send her/him a big hug from me!:heart:
    Now that I have a Chanel bag my only wish left is to have a puppy! :heart:
  4. It's beautiful - I can feel your excitement from your post - congrats.

    P.S. Sometimes the labeling is not on the box, also I would call them up and ask for them to mail you a dustbag.
  5. Congrats Alice !!!
    I'm so glad you have your First Chanel !!!!!
  6. Congrats! It's adorable!
  7. Pretty! Congrats!!
  8. congrats and enjoy.
  9. Alice, it is absolutely adorable! It looks great on you! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats, I'm so happy for you.
  11. What a cute bag and doggie!! The first Chanel is always the most exciting!
  12. OH Alice!! I'm so excited for you! I know how anxious you were for your first CHanel experience, I'm SOO thrilled to hear it was positive!
    You and the bag are adorable!!!

    I agree. . . call and ask them to send the dustbag, there should've been one:yes:
  13. alice, i'm so glad your first experience in chanel was perfect!
    the mini flap you got is so darn cute and adorable. it looks great and i'm sure you'll treasure her for years to come!
  14. Congrats on your super cute flap Alice! I'm sure every chanel bag does come along with a dust bag, I hope they send u one soon.
  15. Your bag is beautiful!!! And glad you had a good shopping experience. Congratulations!!