My first Chanel


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Jul 1, 2010
I've finally convinced my husband, I deserve my first Chanel purse. I'm torn between a small classic, the tote, and the large classic. I also can't decide whether gold or silver is more timeless; I love the gold, but I wear more silver. I'm totally intimidated by the process and price. I'm near Tysons Corner, VA - any advice?


Jul 29, 2009
I live in Northern VA and just went to the Chanel boutique at Tysons II on Saturday. The lady I spoke with was very friendly and nice. Trust me from the quesitons I was asking her she knew I wasn't a high roller. Yet she didn't snub me or talk down to me. Her name is Kyung Lee. Also there's a really nice woman at the Chanel boutique inside of Neiman Marcus, but I forgot her name. She is petite with long black hair, I know that isn't much of a description, but she is there most of the time.


Jan 16, 2010
If you buy black caviar, then go with silver...If you buy lambskin black then go with gold. it really depends on how often you want to wear it.

my first bag with a black flap with silver. I wear it in the evenings.
my second with a black gstote with gold (but i wish it was silver) and i use that for work.

i think the jumbos are good for casual wear but they aren't big enough to be a work bag and i don't prefer them in the evenings to a m/l

as long as you buy a classic, its timeless.