My first Chanel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to Chanel and just pre-saled my first chanel!!!! I pre-saled the MC Flap bag in black (larger size) and will get it Oct 26th the day of the bloomies charity event. Instead of getting 15% off like most of the store Chanel is not participating in that, but instead I will get a $15 gift card for every $100 spent!! I am soooo excited I can't wait, I have been admiring eveyones beautiful chanels, especially the MC flaps! Just a quick question...I remember reading somewhere about getting exempt from tax by telling the SA that it is a gift and they just send a gift receipt and there is no additional tax charge? I told my SA of this and she said that she cannot do that since I live in NY where there are bloomingdales. Did I mis-read something, or is this legit? Anyway, I am so excited and I will post pictures as soon as she arrives home!!!
  2. Congrats!
  3. That's a good buy for a pretty bag. Congrats!:yes:
  4. First, congrats on your new bag!! The MC collection is great!

    As for gift tax, your s/a is correct. Because you live in NY you can't have the bag sent to you as a gift to avoid sales tax. However, if you called a Bloomingdales store outside of your state (such as Chestnut Hill, MA) which carries Chanel, they should be able to honor a gift purchase. A mis-informed s/a might argue with you, but it can be done. I live in MA and always order from the NY White Plains Neiman Marcus to avoid tax. If I go into the Boston store or order on the phone from that store, I will be charged tax.
  5. thank you so much roey i really appreciate it and will make that call tommorw!! Do you or anyone else have a particular SA I should use at that bloomies?? thanks!!
  6. I don't shop Chanel at Bloomies but there is a very nice woman by the name of Nancy who works in that boutique. She wouldn't know me by name but I remember her because she is always super helpful when I go in to look.
  7. Congrats on your CHANEL!!! woo hoo!
  8. Congrats, can't wait to see pics
  9. congrats, they are such a beautiful bag, post a pic with you and your bag.
  10. Can wait to see pictures! CONGRATS!
  11. congrats!
  12. I love the MC flap -- congrats!
  13. First congrats!!
    Second, is this the same bag that H has? I thought it came in only one size? do they make a small flap and a large one?
  14. yes it is, it comes in too sizes a large and a small. Everyone that has one here has bought the large, I have not seen the small one yet, but that one retails for $1195.
  15. congrats!