My First Chanel

  1. I finally brought my husband :love:to the Chanel store two days ago and got my first Chanel. Even though I went in to get the 2.55 Reissue, I ended up with the black classic flap in calf leather. I have not decided when to debut my Chanel :smile:
  2. congrats, any pics?
  3. Congrats! The classic flap is gorgeous! Did you get silver or gold hardware? Please post pictures!
  4. Congrats...can't wait to see pics~~
  5. congrats on your first chanel! please post pics!!
  6. congrats on your first chanel. my 1st one is 2.55 metallic black last year
  7. Congrats!
  8. Thank you all for the posts! This is my bag. 24 Feb was my 7th year wedding anniversary. So yesterday I started using this bag :girlsigh:




  9. Congrats. classic flap is my favourite. Good choice:tup:
  10. Actually I don't even know what is the "full descriptive" name of this you?
  11. [​IMG]


  12. congrats! it looks so pretty!
  13. That's one classic bag. Congrats and happy anniversary.
  14. congrats! great first choice for a chanel
  15. congrast!!! it's pretty!!!